Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You are going to be evil when you grow up

Did you ever make cootie catchers when you were little? I remember making them and then telling fortunes to my friends, my mum, or anyone who would stand still long enough for me to go through the long, complicated process.

For those who didn't play with them, the person who wants her fortune told picks one of the colours on the outside of the cootie catcher, and the fortune teller opens and closes the device while she counts out the letters in the colour name. Then the victim person chooses from the numbers revealed on the inside of the catcher. Then the fortune teller opens and closes the catcher that many times. This goes on for an interminable number of times until finally the fortuneteller lifts the flap with the chosen number and reads the fortune underneath.

The last time Becca and Maggie were over, they helped the girls make cootie catchers. They folded the paper into the complicated form, and wrote the colour names under blocks coloured by Leah and Rachel:

Then, taking dictation from Leah and Rachel, they wrote in the fortunes under the flaps.

The girls found one of those the other day in the toybox and started playing with it again. It's quite a peek into their psyches, I tell ya. Here is the list the various fortunes found in it for your enjoyment (complete with original punctuation):

  • You are going to be evil when you grow up.
  • You will have a party!
  • You have weird eyes.
  • You will have a pillow fight with a guy named Sawyer.*
  • You will find dead pirate bones!
  • You will eat berries!
  • You will invent robot glasses and wear them to school Monday.
  • You will fall in a volcano.
Hmmm. I guess it works, seeing as I had some raspberries on my cereal this a.m. Unfortunately, I had my fortune told twice. And I'm not looking forward to that volcano thing AT ALL.

* Sawyer is the older brother of one of Leah's friends. One weekend a while ago this friend's mother kindly took both of my girls for a sleepover so I could go out. Apparently Rachel has never forgotten pillow fighting with Alora's big brother.


  1. I totally remember those things! Wow, that takes me back...

  2. I can remember those too! I feel so old right now!

  3. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I loved those when I was in elementary school and now my girls do too.

    Those are some, um, interesting fortunes.

  4. LOL! damn. falling into a volcano is rough. sorry to hear about that.

  5. Is that what they're called? We called them "chick chick chick" as that's what the paper sounded as it moved back and forth.

    BTW I didn't know your end of town has volancos!

  6. They are called cootie catchers??? They have a name?? Really?
    God I loved those...

  7. Riley had one of those a few weeks ago. I don't think her fortunes were nearly as creative as your girls'. I love the way they think!

  8. Anonymous8:02 AM

    We had those...we didn't call them cootie catchers, though. Is that another Canadianism? I believe we just referred to them as fortune tellers.

    Your girls have great fortunes! "you will eat berries" ??? where did THAT come from?

  9. i thought you were going to say Sawyer from Lost, I'd love to have a pillow fight with him :)

  10. boy do i feel old now.
    although i love the one about the volcano:)