Friday, October 10, 2008

Fantasy vs. reality

This what I wish had woken me up this morning:

or this:

(Everyone needs some coffee in the morning, no?)

This is what actually woke me this morning:

It is a beautiful sound, but the visual doesn't put the same kind of smile on my face.

(Photos courtesy of Google Images, video courtesy of me in my driveway this morning. And the eleventy million Canada geese flying over my house and driving my cat crazy.)


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Yep, I'd take Colin Firth any day.

  2. Stupid geese...

  3. please send java boy my way.

  4. don't you just hate those bloody geese that start squalking at what seems like 4am! if i had a gun,,,luv the picks in this blog

  5. Ya, but if one of those dudes had showed up in your bedroom this morning, think of the stress. You'd have to rush off and brush your teeth and put on make-up and comb your hair and put on a fetching nightie and smile alluringly. And isn't that just a little too much work for first thing in the morning? With the geese you can just grumble and put pillow over your head

  6. I'll take the first 2 options please....