Friday, November 29, 2013

According to Rachel: Hedley inspiration edition

Sorry there's another Rachel post in a row, especially as I'm seeing this blog more as a personal blog and less as a mommy blog, but this made my brain itch enough to actually open Blogger and type something, which has been a long time coming.  I think my blog block might be over and I hope to post soon about my birthday trip, my Halifax-PEI trip, and why I shouldn't try to emulate Michael Phelps.

In the meantime, let me share the conversation Rae and I had on the way home from buying little, tiny elastics at Giant Tiger.

We were listening to (the clean radio edit of) Hedley's 'Anything' on the radio:

(Note: the original video has a fair bit of nudity and swearing, and is not quite as inspirational as it sounds on the radio, lol.)

A section of the lyrics go like this:

Everybody said
You'd better stay in school
Get a real job boy
Don't be a fool
Burn that guitar
You can never be a star
I can, I can, I can so.

A thousand disbelievers couldn't keep me on the ground
I've invented a momentum that'll never slow me down
I believe it 'cause I feel it and I shout it out loud
I can, I can, I can so.

Everybody said boy don't go any higher
(Uh uh, forget  that)
I can do anything
Never push the limit and don't play with fire
(Uh uh, forget that)
I can do anything.

Me: That's kind of an inspirational song, isn't it?  I like the message.
Rae: Yah. I like that it says that you can do anything. Except that one part.
Me: Which part?
Rae: The part where they're telling him 'don't play with fire.' That's probably good advice.  You shouldn't play with fire, it's dangerous. [a few seconds of silence] Unless you're a magician. Then you can do whatever the hell you want.