Friday, November 29, 2013

According to Rachel: Hedley inspiration edition

Sorry there's another Rachel post in a row, especially as I'm seeing this blog more as a personal blog and less as a mommy blog, but this made my brain itch enough to actually open Blogger and type something, which has been a long time coming.  I think my blog block might be over and I hope to post soon about my birthday trip, my Halifax-PEI trip, and why I shouldn't try to emulate Michael Phelps.

In the meantime, let me share the conversation Rae and I had on the way home from buying little, tiny elastics at Giant Tiger.

We were listening to (the clean radio edit of) Hedley's 'Anything' on the radio:

(Note: the original video has a fair bit of nudity and swearing, and is not quite as inspirational as it sounds on the radio, lol.)

A section of the lyrics go like this:

Everybody said
You'd better stay in school
Get a real job boy
Don't be a fool
Burn that guitar
You can never be a star
I can, I can, I can so.

A thousand disbelievers couldn't keep me on the ground
I've invented a momentum that'll never slow me down
I believe it 'cause I feel it and I shout it out loud
I can, I can, I can so.

Everybody said boy don't go any higher
(Uh uh, forget  that)
I can do anything
Never push the limit and don't play with fire
(Uh uh, forget that)
I can do anything.

Me: That's kind of an inspirational song, isn't it?  I like the message.
Rae: Yah. I like that it says that you can do anything. Except that one part.
Me: Which part?
Rae: The part where they're telling him 'don't play with fire.' That's probably good advice.  You shouldn't play with fire, it's dangerous. [a few seconds of silence] Unless you're a magician. Then you can do whatever the hell you want.


  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Erin and I think that's very funny. Erin said, "Did she really say that?" So, I'm asking.

    1. Yes, she really said that. I think it's because she and her friend Maddy went to see 'Now You See Me' a month or so ago.

  2. I say if it's going to get you over feeling blogcked, pimp out your kid all you want. And not just because every second post in NaBloPoMo for me was about Eve.

    1. You get me. You really do. :)

  3. "Then you can do whatever the hell you want."

    I love that girl.