Thursday, August 26, 2010

Conrad Black has nothing on her

I think Leah might have a head for business. She decided to set up a face-painting stand at the end of the driveway to make some money to spend at the Carp Fair. She was very methodical. First she drew designs of the various face paintings on offer on pieces of paper that she inserted into plastic photo-album pages, and created a catalogue of designs. Then she bought some face paint crayons.

I heard the following when she was discussing how much she should be charging for the service with her sister:

Rae: How much are you going to charge?

Leah: I don't know. A dollar? Hey! We should go on Dragons' Den and ask for $300 in return for 40% of the business.

I figure I'll be getting a Rolls for my birthday in a couple of years.

(For my American friends, you have Dragons' Den too, only it's called Shark Tank down there.)

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm back. Damn.

This is a picture of a cat with mice crawling all over its head:

This is a fairly accurate representation of how it feels to be back at work in the office after two weeks of vacation (sleeping late, eating too much and having entirely too much fun):

Any questions?

Friday, August 13, 2010

No, we still don't like Justin Bieber around here

Perhaps unaware of Leah's feelings for Justin Bieber, my mother, who's staying with us for a visit, had the following conversation with Rachel about a Justin Bieber song playing on the radio:

Mum: Do you like this singer?

Rachel: Nope, he's not my cup of tea. [Glances down at what she's holding in her hand] Well, actually, he's not my can of Grape Crush.

Wait, is this irony?

So, a month or two ago, I succumbed to a slick sales pitch and moved my internet and home phone service to Rogers Cable from Bell/Sympatico. But it seems that their marketing push was far more advanced than their infrastructure. The cable bringing all this communications goodness into my home was patched into the cable box on the street behind mine and the guys who laid it put it right on the grass, through the yard and perennial garden of the house right behind mine. I'm waiting now for the company to get all the necessary permits for burying the cable..

I get along really well with my neighbours, but as you can imagine, they aren't really thrilled with a cable coming through their yard. They're retired and avid gardeners. The husband, when he noticed the cable through his yard, called Rogers to complain, and at one point, threatened to run over the cable with his lawnmower. He wasn't serious, just blowing steam. He would never have done that to me.

Three days ago, we suddenly lost the phone and internet. You guessed it. He accidentally ran over the cable with his riding lawnmower.

Irony? Maybe.

Annoying? Yeah.