Monday, July 05, 2010

*UPDATED* Why I like to spend time with my kids: they're funny

On the subject of the relative cost of items one might wish to purchase:

Leah, talking about the car my mum won with a $10 raffle ticket: *I'd* like to win a car for $10. You can't even buy a hermit crab for $10.

On the subject of what one might like to eat for breakfast:

Me: What do you want for breakfast?
Rachel: I'll have some of that crispy stuff the locals call "toast".

On the subject of intellectual property law:

My conversation with Leah as she worked on a cat-themed costume for Superhero Day at school:
Me: Who are you going to be anyway? Cat Woman?
Leah: No! Cat Woman is copyrighted. I'm Kitty Girl.

On the subject of anatomy:

Rachel, swimming in next door's pool: It's way deeper than our pool, I can't even touch bottom with the palms of my feet.

On the subject of tween pop idols:

Leah and I watching a Justin Bieber music video on YTV between programs:
Me: So, do you think he's cute?
Leah: Justin Bieber? Seriously??? [rolls eyes] What am I? Six?

On the subject of the appropriateness of names in popular culture:

Rae, playing with Leah's Star Wars action figures: Why is the hairy guy partners with Han Solo?
Me: You mean Chewbacca?
Rae: Yeah, why is Chewbacca Han Solo's partner? He shouldn't have a partner.
Me: Why not?
Rae: Duh! Han *Solo*[meaningful look from under raised eyebrows].....So...Lo? [looks at me all disgusted with my obvious stupidity]

On the subject of proper evil overlord etiquette, when one has not quite heard the lingo correctly:

Rachel and Leah, in the pool during a water fight with pump squirters:
Leah: Oh no, I'm out of ammo!!
Rae: Bwhahahahaha [excellent evil laugh]. Now you will pay! Now. You. Will. Feel. My. Raft!


  1. Hermit crabs, get yer hermit crabs here...$9.95 a crab...

    Your kids crack me up.

  2. Those are some funny kids you have !

  3. You are going to need the liquor delivery service on speed dial when they become teenagers. Mark my words and heed them well.

  4. I feel the exact same way. Our kids are like a box of never knew what you're gonna git.

  5. Pat L7:16 PM

    As the late Art Linkletter used to say: Kids say the darn-dest things!

    And in their case, the cutest!

  6. Jen - Leah wants a hermit crab and introduces the subject into conversations on occasion.

    Jazz - Yup, and a good thing too. It stops me from abandoning them in the woods. :-)

    XUP - Oh, I'm waaaay ahead of you. Waaaay ahead.

    Allison - They sure are. And it kinda makes you want to, you know, hang out with them. Who knew?

    Pat - They sure do say the darndest things. Usually when I have a mouthful of something which I then spray all over the place.

  7. They are so great. I can't wait to see you all in less than 48 hours.

  8. Anonymous7:31 AM

    they are so cute al, i miss them so much.

  9. that would be me

  10. Well yeah. Like that Star Trek movie, The Raft of Khan.

  11. Kim - It's a good thing they're cute sometimes.

    Biblio - EXACTLY! And of course, the Great American Novel, "The Grapes of Raft". :-)