Tuesday, April 03, 2007


OK, the snow we're going to get this weekend? My fault.


I've tempted fate. Right now, my car is at the garage having an oil change and having the summer tires put on. Which of course means that we will be royally dumped on this weekend. That's just the way it goes.

But spring is here today at least. The sun is supposed to come out today before the rain starts tomorrow, and the snow flurries on the weekend (that's from Environment Canada, and not just a pessimistic assessment of my bad snow-tire-removal karma).

My mom and stepdad were up on the weekend for a visit. While she was here, we celebrated her birthday and dyed eggs with the girls for Easter. Her favourite flowers are daffodils, and we bought a bunch from the Cancer Society and waited impatiently for them to bloom.

I wish I had Alissa's photography talents and camera.

Oh yeah. And what was my mom doing in Eastern Ontario on the weekend, you might ask? Well, it was to pick up the car she won in a raffle. How cool is that? And not just any car, but one decorated by Marlene Ross, who paints masks for a lot of NHL goalies.

Not bad for a ten dollar raffle ticket, eh?


  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Ooh, that's a VERY cool car, esp. for $10.

    I think your eggs are lovely, and the flowers, too--our daffodils are long gone. My camera takes nice photos, practice makes them better. Thanks for the compliment :-)

  2. Great car! I love the daffodils too. My hubby buys me some every April from the Cancer Society because I am a cancer survivor. I haven't received them yet, so I'll have to remind him!!

  3. Oh, how cool is that?

    And I too have contributed to the forecasted snow dump. First, we are travelling this weekend, always a magnet for bad weather. (Nothing like driving through Algonquin Park in a blizzard to add joy to your long holiday weekend with the inlaws!) And worse, I shook out and then threw away the mat by the front door, leaving the tile bare. Not to mention the fact that I raked the yard and picked up the poop dogs. Ah, spring!

  4. Cripes, Dani, you're a brave woman. Driving through Algonquin on the Easter weekend will draw a blizzard the way that trailer parks attract tornadoes. Good luck!

  5. How cool! Great car!

    I think your photo of the daffodil (close up one especially) is a great one. But I too wish i had Alissa's talents!