Monday, March 19, 2012

Focus -- my kid's got it

Morning conversation Sunday:

Me: Morning Rae, what would you like for breakfast?

Rae: Waffles.

Me: Sorry, you guys ate the last waffles yesterday. You can have a bagel or cereal. [changing topic]
Hey, I had the strangest dream this morning right before I woke up.  Do you want to  hear it?

Rae: OK

Me: I was riding in a stretch limousine with Arlene from across the street, but her hair was really long and she was wearing it in ponytails.  For some reason we were in downtown Toronto, but when we looked through the moon roof of the limo we could see two bald eagles circling overhead.  One of them was carrying two volleyballs in his talons.  When we noticed this, he let go of the volleyballs and they fell and bounced off the hood of the limo, and we nearly got into an accident.  Weird, eh?

Rae: So..... what you're saying is that we're out of waffles.

Me: Um, yeah.

Monday, March 05, 2012

How not to look professional at work

No, I didn't show up naked.  But that isn't an entirely gratuitous picture of Adam Levine sans clothes.  Well, a bit gratuitous, but not entirely. 

You're welcome.

No, the particular way in which I looked less than professional this morning was when I arrived at my cubicle and started to divest myself of all the outer clothes that I was wearing for my little walk from where I park my car to the office in the -10 degree temps.  I was listening to 'Moves Like Jagger' on my Blackberry as I walked into the office, and I didn't want to take my earphones out and miss the end of the song. 

So I took my coat off, and the rest of the plan was to unwind my scarf while not dislodging the earphones, and not getting everything tangled up with my ID card, which was also hanging from a lanyard around my neck. (I may also have been dancing, just a little, in a restrained, hardly noticeable kind of way, because, although it's Monday morning, I've had a boatload of coffee and am in a very good mood.) While trying to remove the scarf while keeping the ID card around my neck and the earphones in my ears, I ended up flinging the phone to the (fortunately carpeted) floor while catching the string of my lanyard in my dangly earring, and the landard clip in the fringe of my scarf, simultaneously semi-strangling myself, nearly ripping my ear open, and blinding myself momentarily with the scarf, so that as I writhed around in pain from my ear, I tripped over my work bag.