Monday, March 05, 2012

How not to look professional at work

No, I didn't show up naked.  But that isn't an entirely gratuitous picture of Adam Levine sans clothes.  Well, a bit gratuitous, but not entirely. 

You're welcome.

No, the particular way in which I looked less than professional this morning was when I arrived at my cubicle and started to divest myself of all the outer clothes that I was wearing for my little walk from where I park my car to the office in the -10 degree temps.  I was listening to 'Moves Like Jagger' on my Blackberry as I walked into the office, and I didn't want to take my earphones out and miss the end of the song. 

So I took my coat off, and the rest of the plan was to unwind my scarf while not dislodging the earphones, and not getting everything tangled up with my ID card, which was also hanging from a lanyard around my neck. (I may also have been dancing, just a little, in a restrained, hardly noticeable kind of way, because, although it's Monday morning, I've had a boatload of coffee and am in a very good mood.) While trying to remove the scarf while keeping the ID card around my neck and the earphones in my ears, I ended up flinging the phone to the (fortunately carpeted) floor while catching the string of my lanyard in my dangly earring, and the landard clip in the fringe of my scarf, simultaneously semi-strangling myself, nearly ripping my ear open, and blinding myself momentarily with the scarf, so that as I writhed around in pain from my ear, I tripped over my work bag.



  1. Oh come on! Somebody comment. It's Adam Levine naked! And me making a fool of myself! Again! But mostly it's the eye candy.

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    If no one saw you you didn't make a fool of yourself.

    Who's Adam Levine? Eye candy indeed!

  3. Jazz - Adam is the frontman of Maroon 5, who sing "Moves Like Jagger" and looks really good naked.

  4. Pat Liston2:13 PM

    Yikes! Nothing I wouldn't do...

  5. So what you're saying is that you did indeed have moves like Jagger this morning? :-)

    THANK YOU for the photo of Adam. I feel like my headache is beginning to recede and clearly it's because of that photo.

  6. Maroon 5 sing "Moves Like Jagger?" I feel like I should have known that. Don't know why, since I never know who sings anything. Making a fool of oneself in the service of finishing the song is eminently noble.

  7. Ha ha! You definitely made me laugh. I too wear a lanyard, and the stupid thing is always getting caught up in something. I've actually ripped through several plastic covers, so my husband bought me a leather case.

  8. Pat - I should have realized that it's a physical impossibility to unwrap three different items from one's neck without them interacting in some unhelpful way.

    Jen - I never thought of it like that, but I suppose I DID have the moves like Jagger. You know, if Jagger was having some sort of seizure while dancing wearing a scarf, dangly earrings and a lanyard. Glad the pic helped your headache. I think I might like to get a headache just so I can look at that picture some more for theraputic purposes, of course.

    Allison - I rarely know who sings what, and if I do, it's usually because the song is something the girls listen to. However it was my friend Deb who got me "listening" to Maroon 5 one night when we polished off a bottle of red and watched the "Moves Like Jagger" video on the laptop 23 times in a row. Approximately.

    Cassi - Lanyards are very practical, but very annoying. But if I didn't have my ID card hanging from one, I'd lose it in a heartbeat.

  9. This is hilarious. I do the "need to get ready for my workday but a good song is in my earbuds right now" dance almost every day!

    Came here from Derfwad Manor, I liked your answers to the Wednesday 9. :)

  10. Also, I've seen that pic before but still. ZOMG NAKED ADAM LEVINE.

  11. Ashley - Thanks for stopping by! I love Mrs. G. and Derfwad Manor. And Adam Levine naked. ZOMG indeed! :)

  12. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Adam Levine is awesome!!!