Friday, March 12, 2010

Lair of the evil ninja assassin cat

I am ignoring you, Large One.

You have no respect for my majesty. You do not respect the killing edge of my fangs. You do not respect the razor kiss of my claws. You pick me up and toy with me as if I weren't the manifestation of bloody death. You shall pay. Oh, you shall pay.

You think I'll overlook the many wounds to my dignity simply because you bring me a terrain de jeu...a play structure...a cat tree? Surely you jest. My disdain knows no bounds and words cannot convey my sarcasm.

I will not lower myself to set paw on this.....this....abomination.

Though it is plushy and soft. And it has many enticing levels where one may keep an eye on one's prey.

And the small fur mouse is intriguing.

I will ignore it totally!

Yes. Totally!

Except it has a mousie.

And a lair! I've always wanted a lair, it befits my assassin role. No one can see me in here. I shall swoop out and inflict death from above. Fear me, mortals!

And the rope thingie. To practice my martial arts and improve my lightning reflexes.

Alright, human, I shall accept your paltry gift.

Behold! The lair of the evil ninja assassin cat!

(Thank you, Natalie, the ENAC loves his cat tree - Alison)


  1. Love it. As does ENAC, clearly.

  2. I was just thinking I hadn't seen much of your evil ninja etc. etc. lately. Now my Friday is complete.

  3. I could seriously play in that thing!

  4. I have always feared ENAC, but now I'm shaking in my Danskos over the faster, stronger, potentially-bionic ENAC.

  5. Oh I love this....

  6. I am injuring myself with laughter. Hardly respectful of your cat's ninja-ness. Great post.

  7. I love this entire post, but thus photo is my favorite:

  8. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Realllllly niiiiice cat tree. Even better than Sami's. Now put it next to a window and set up a bird feeder outside for hours of comedy. Ninja cat looks last...for now.

  9. He looks like a happy cat, good post!!!

  10. i don't like cats. you make me like them. sooooo awesome.


  11. The mousie will get them every time...

  12. Well, that was very funny - but you don't like Anne Tyler??? Hmm.

    I suppose we're all different.

    Try "An Amateur Marriage" maybe? Or maybe not.

  13. Jen - he does love it. I've already had to hot glue the mousie back on its elastic string twice.

    Biblio - Glad I could make your Friday.

    Capital - I would so play on it if I were small enough.

    Jen B. - He is very fearsome when he leaps off the top level.

    Days - Thanks!

    Pam - Hi! Thanks for stopping by. The evil ninja assassin cat makes occasional visits to the blog. When he's not ninja-ing people, mainly me.

    VB girl - I'm honoured that you stopped by, knowing how busy you are these days with Nico! I had such fun taking pictures of Max playing in the cat tree. I like that one also.

    BFF - There's a hedge right outside the window. In a couple of weeks it'll be full of birds and squirrels. I imagine that will be enough entertainment.

    SaraJ - The cat tree has made him a happy, happy cat.

    Meanie - I'm glad you like the posts, and provisionally, cats.

    Jazz - Yup, the mousie was the main draw.

    Isabelle - Thank you. Who knows, I might try another Anne Tyler someday, but right now, my To Be Read pile is quite high. If I do, I'll try 'An Amateur Marriage.'