Sunday, June 27, 2010

The more things change....

Summer 2010:


Summer 2007:


  1. I thought they had gotten so big, but now that I see the comparison photos I want to cry a little.

    Can't wait to see you guys soon!

  2. Look at the hair on those two -- my gosh...gorgeous, gorgeous hair.

  3. Is it any wonder that I feel I am the world's luckiest Nana.

  4. Oh, wow! Now that was pretty cool. I have to commend you on taking the same pictures three years apart. You obviously planned that out. I would have never thought of it, or at the very least figured it was way too much work :P

  5. Jen - I know what you mean. The part that gets to me? In the 2007 photos, Rae is barely up to Leah's shoulder, and now they're almost the same height.

    XUP - Yes, they do have amazing hair. Only Rae is growing out her bangs and her hair is in her face all the time.

    Jilly - Yes. You are.

    Allison - It's a family tradition to pick strawberries and then stop for ice cream.

    Maven - I'd like to claim such superior planning skills, but the reality is that I'm a pretty boring photographer and tend to take the same kinds of pix over and over: Leah alone, Rae covered in strawberry juice, Leah and Rae picking, Leah and Rae together.