Friday, August 13, 2010

No, we still don't like Justin Bieber around here

Perhaps unaware of Leah's feelings for Justin Bieber, my mother, who's staying with us for a visit, had the following conversation with Rachel about a Justin Bieber song playing on the radio:

Mum: Do you like this singer?

Rachel: Nope, he's not my cup of tea. [Glances down at what she's holding in her hand] Well, actually, he's not my can of Grape Crush.


  1. great wit about her, love that so much.

  2. Blah. I hate kids who are funnier than me.

  3. We're all over here laughing over that one.

  4. Grace just reminded me of this one:

    [In Q.C. I've threatened the girls with lack of candy if they kvetch.]

    Jen: "Rachel, are you complaining?"

    Rae: "No, just expressing an opinion."

  5. Meanie - Yeah, she's funny. Annoying at times, but funny.

    Allison - Me too, my friend, me too. If it wasn't for the blog fodder....

    Jen - I remember that! She's so going to be a smart-mouthed teen. Sigh.

  6. How do I love Rachel, let me count the ways....

    I learned of this guy's existence last week. Apparently there's a biography coming out. He's like, what? 12?

  7. Anonymous9:36 AM

    You know you have only yourself to blame for raising such weisenheimer kids...being such a weisenheimer yourself...