Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On my way to work

Jen at Jen on the Edge did a post a day or two ago, recounting her day in photos. She was following the example of Mrs. G. from Derfwad Manor. It sounded like a cool idea, but I don't have the focus to record my entire day photographically. Or in any other way, really. So I came up with this: I live about a 45-minute commute outside of Ottawa where I work. I drove in this morning, taking pictures at random along my usual route, to give you the feel of the trip.

Note: most of the photos are poorly framed and might be blurry, seeing as the majority were taken hurriedly out of the car window at red lights or while driving slowly with one hand on the wheel. (See how much I love you guys? I risked my life and those of others to get the pictures for this post.)

This is my front yard. But it isn't this morning. Rachel took this picture 2 weeks ago while waiting for me to come out of the house and walk to the Fair. But it's what I see when I leave the front door of the house.

We live in a small village outside Ottawa. There are a lot of dairy cows and corn fields around.

We are very fond of autumn flowers in our community.

We apparently are also fond of letting people know who we think they should be voting for (shout out to my Canadian readers: Please Go Vote Today!!).

Here is my favourite part of my commute to work.

All too soon, though, I come out at a brand new cookie-cutter subdivision.

And I drive down Silicon Alley, the high tech corridor.

Then the drive turns a bit rural again for a bit.

For a while, I get to see the Ottawa River. (Squint a bit, it's there in the background.)

At various stoplights I get to see some curious things. Like this guy, on the roof of a chiropractor's office.

And a round office building. You can't really tell it's round from this shot, but short of getting out of the car at the red light, it's the best I could do.

Mmmmm, bagels. Good Montreal-style, wood-oven-baked bagels.

Then I pass a lot of apartment buildings.

And reminders that Ottawa is a pretty multicultural city.

And I drive past the hospital where the girls were born.

A little while after that, I turn onto the street where I work.

Park behind the church (yes, that church).

I walk for about 6 minutes, looking for beautiful things along the way.

Until I reach work.

Where I work very hard and hardly ever blog except for at lunch break. Honest.


  1. I would be heartbroken every morning leaving that lovely area to fight with city traffic (especially on Carling) and then park myself in a cubicle all day. I'm heartbroken enough just leaving my neighbourhood to come and park myself in my cubicle all day. What a beautiful little town Carp is.

  2. What a great idea.

    Wow... look at all that. I think I drive by your office on my way to drop off The Boy at school.

    (I live near the Civic.)

  3. What a GORGEOUS drive! Seriously, I'm with XUP: I don't think I could leave.

  4. I *do* love living in Carp. Working downtown is the price I pay to live where I do.

    On the plus side, I have a real office with a door that closes and a window that opens rather than a cubicle. And I'm walking distance to the Glebe and Preston Street for yummy lunches at lots of different types of restaurants and shopping at lots of different types of shops, either at lunch, or before I head home.

    So it's not all bad. I think I've got the best of both worlds. But I must say, I really like coming home in the evenings and hanging out around home on weekends.

  5. What fun! I believe the trees are prettier in Canada.

    Nice cows.

  6. Nice drive - how long does it take?

  7. Love your post. Now I feel like I "know" a little more about you and your daily life. I also live out in the county. We see beef cows instead of dairy, and the occasional sheep or goat, very idyllic.

  8. I know where that Hospital is!!
    That's a hell of a trek to work every monring hon.

  9. oh that part would be my fav also in the comute.. beautiful.

    and Speedy was born there also :)

  10. Guider - It takes about 45 minutes or so in good weather. I don't want to talk about the winter driving.

  11. Great post Alison... a nice insight into your day! If I did the same thing, that is, photograph my route to work everyday, I would have to take a photo of my bedroom, bathroom, down the stairs, the kitchen, then into the office. :) Not nearly as interesting as yours!

    p.s. If you were ever coming to my house you'd be turning off near the 1000 Sushi Islands. A few familiar pics there for sure! :)

  12. Glorious fall pictures.

    It's fun to see your trip to work and actually recognize parts of the route (and you're not that far off from my 'hood! So, if we ever get Josie up here, lunch wouldn't be too much of a strain!)