Thursday, October 09, 2008

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog...

Hey, guess what? I'm guest blogging today for Alissa over at Life's Little Adventures! Can you believe it? Someone actually wanted me to write something for them, how cool is that? I feel kinda like Tina Fey guest-starring on SNL, but with less political satire and more sentence fragments.

So hop on over and check out the workshop on how to talk Canadian. Sounds like fun, eh?


  1. what's that? I couldn't hear you over my noshing on poutine whilst sitting upon my chesterfield... heh heh.

  2. Hey, is it cold enough up there to wear your toboggan yet? :-)

    Thanks for doing this for me!

  3. I just came from there! The toboggan thing made me laugh--I've never heard that before!!