Friday, October 17, 2008

Today kind of sucked

  • I was petting the cat this morning and saw something black moving through the fur of his head. Yep, my indoor cat has fleas. Damn.
  • I have a house in dire need of cleaning, and I've been experiencing bad back spasms on and off all day. Holy bad timing, Batman.
  • While picking up a birthday present for Rachel late this afternoon, I accidentally hit another car in the parking lot of Hazeldean Mall.
  • I'm expecting a bunch of six-year-old girls tomorrow for a sleep-over birthday party (see second point, above).
  • I still haven't slept with Daniel Craig.

On the bright side:

  • My vet fixed me up with something for the fleas that worked within half an hour. (Seems Max picked up his visitors when he escaped from the house a couple of days ago.)
  • I managed to get everything I needed for Rae's birthday party, including a Halloween-themed craft to do.
  • I didn't do that much damage to the other car.
  • I purchased vodka, which is an excellent back pain remedy.
  • I didn't have to sleep with Tom Cruise or Billy Bob Thornton.


  1. yikes. flees, hate those things. this time last year my dog and cat had them. re: the cleaning, i totally know the feeling, i hired a lady to come to the house (twice now) to come in for 4 hours and do a cleaning. man o man, what a difference. it felt great. i'm not a rich person but i needed that. sorry about the little accident.

    have fun at the partay tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous11:56 PM

    HB to Miss Rachel!!!!

    Bummer about the car. I hope not having to do Billy Bob Thornton made up for it.

  3. ick on the fleas - but at least Tom Cruise wasn't bugging you

  4. Too bad you can't combine the vodka with the party treats - that would make for a nice quiet sleepover. And...phew! on that Tom & Billy Bob narrow escape

  5. Ick...fleas.

    Glad the fender bender wasn't worse.

    Happy birthday party!! :)

  6. I'm pretty sure the vodka will make everything better.

  7. I'm with you on the fleas. I went to the vet yesterday and got flea stuff as well. The vet said they are worse than normal this year. I've had a crappy day too, but not as bad as yours, so I feel a little better, LOL :). Hope the sleepover goes well and the vodka helps!

  8. oh no fleas is bad.

    glad you got it under control fast.

    and go team vodka!