Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy working song

Jen, over at Jen on the Edge, is asking for decluttering ideas. Feel free to pop on over and help out.

Here's my ideal way to declutter the house.

Of course, my dress isn't quite as poofy, and at my place it's squirrels, raccoons, and skunks who come when I sing. (I had to stop the skunks from helping, though. They break too many dishes.)

(If you can't see the movie clip of Gisele cleaning up Robert's apartment in Enchanted, click here for the Youtube link.)


  1. That is my current, ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE at the moment. *happy sigh*

    You want one?
    No thanks.
    It's gooooood.


  2. It hadn't occurred to me to invite the neighborhood rats, roaches, and pigeons to help out. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Mentally scarred from the cockroaches.. reminds me of my first apartment. Ick.

  4. A fire would be much quicker. I'm just sayin'...that dress for one...

  5. i loved this post and this is my project for this weekend:

    fingers crossed it is what solves our clutter *issues*

  6. oh i loved that movie :)

  7. That is THE greatest movie. I think I'll watch it this afternoon :-)

  8. xup has a good start to things, though I have to pipe in that the mess you have to go through with the insurance provider is a bit too much.

    We had birds come to help us once, a long time ago (they came in through the chimney). The cats thought they were delicious.