Tuesday, April 29, 2008

From the weekend

Spring finally remembered eastern Ontario and we had a lovely week and weekend. Her memory is short-lived though, since I drove to work through snow flurries this morning. Figures. I took some pictures on Sunday in an attempt to stay awake -- I had been at a party Saturday night and had had a total of 2.5 hours of sleep.

You know, when I was 19 I could stay up drinking til 4:30, catch 2.5 hours sleep, and still be fresh as a daisy and do errands all day long and then party the next night too. How the times have changed. When I got home from my girlfriend's place Sunday morning, I really wanted to nap but instead I had to run some errands, rake my yard (cause it was yard waste pickup Monday) and the girls from next door came over to play with my girls until nearly 4 pm. I was sitting trying to read and nodding off while they were playing (because common sense and the Children's Aid Society both dictate supervision for children), but managed to stay most of the way awake. Well, at least I woke up when I was nailed in the head with a barbie during some kind of aerial doll warfare that broke out. I'm still really tired this morning two days later.

I am officially old.

Here's what my Sunday looked like:

This nest, tucked up under the roof overhang of the garage, was built last year by robins. They raised a brood of babies and moved out. Then two broods of mourning doves were raised in it. I left it there over the winter, and the doves moved back in this spring. Doves are larger than robins and the accommodations are cramped, but moving into an existing rental appears to be preferable to building from scratch. There are actually two babies in the nest, but you can only see one peeking out from under the mom. I guess I'm a landlord.

This may be a little-known fact, but deer don't like daffodils. They prefer tulips. I have had tulips. Also on their list of favourite foods ever are my cedar hedges, apparently. Deer may be cute, but as neighbours, they suck are not ideal.

How many girls can you fit in an IKEA castle/tent/playhouse? Answer: four.

Max looking out through the front window, wanting desperately to join the fun. Or eat the birds at the bird feeder. It's hard to tell which from the expression on his face, but the smart money's on eating the birds.


  1. Oh, I do feel your pain. I had a house party on Friday night at my house.....adult beverages and stayed up 3 hours past my bedtime.

    You know, Saturday was not like it used to be when I was in college and could stay up until 2 am, wake up at 6, go to work at 7, take a 20 minute nap at 9:30 during chapel and go out and do it all again.

    I am officially old too!! I did feel MUCH better Sunday. Hannah commented that I looked a little tired on Saturday. Um, ya think?

  2. I'm old too. Older, because I nod off far before midnight.

    A bird's nest. How fun! The birds stay far away from my house (and TWO cats)

  3. I'm glad you finally had a nice weekend. Looks like the girls were having fun.

  4. party on wayne. party on garth....
    oh, you should of had a nap. I have an in with CAS, ;)

    cute tent pic of the girls!

  5. should HAVE not should OF.
    sorry, I just HAD to correct myself.

  6. Your cat looking out the window is too sweet! It seems spring affects everyone, no?

    And just THINKING about staying up late makes me tired and in need of a nap. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

  7. Your weekend doesn't sound too bad, 3 day hangover excluded :-)

  8. I am old too. I remember staying out late every night partying and having no problem going to work or school the next day and then partying again at night.
    I love your photos especially the dove's. And I think you are right about Max. My cat's both go outside but mostly the birds are too smart for them. Arthur will hang out inside one of their large feeders, in plain view of course, so the birds don't go near it.

  9. the girls are adorable but make me tired looking at their....perkiness ;)

  10. I was in Halifax and ended up staying up until WAY passed my bedtime. Not only could I not sleep in but it took three days to recover.

    Old. Age. Sucks.

  11. What? You really have to stay awake and, you know, SUPERVISE the children? I had no idea. ;-)

  12. Lazy doves. They were probably out partying, got drunk, got a little carried away and suddenly here come the eggs. "I thought you had a nest" "Noooo, I thought YOU had a nest."

  13. Glad to hear you had fun on Saturday night!! And I can relate to the need to recoup for 2 or 3 days now that I'm past 35. Getting old sucks.

    The CAS can be real sticklers can't they? I mean you woke up when you were hit in the head.

    As for the weather, yeah, it sucks. Mother Nature is nothing but a tease.

  14. The only late nights I see anymore involve something in a diaper.

    That counts as old too, not to mention redundant given the number of children around me in a diaper.

    It's still cold here, had a blizzard last weekend... fun. I think we have ticked her off and Mother Nature is punishing us.

    Thanks for the tip on the sucker thing for the tank!

  15. I'm with you in the old club...two late nights in a row, without drinking even, and the recovery time is definitely longer!!
    Love the tent picture!!

  16. Oh my Leah looks positively frightening in that photo! LOL!

    I can't recall ever being able to stay up all night drinking, only sleep for a couple hours and then do it all over again. I think I was born old! My sorority sisters used to call me from our house (I would spend the night at Kevin's apartment most nights) and I'd already be in bed and they were just taking showers and getting ready to head out to the bars. They used to joke and say, "Goodnight Mom." Yeah, real funny.

  17. You're not old Alison, you're a parent. My motto in life is to blame everything on the kids (only when they're not listening) And what was that about supervision? Is a 5 year old allowed to supervise a 2 year old?