Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I fear for my grandchildren

Yesterday afternoon the girls resurrected a game that they invented and used to play months ago. It involves packing as many dolls and stuffed animals as possible in Rae's doll stroller (reined in by the strap) and running, pushing the stroller at top speed through the house. Then they suddenly put on the brakes and stop so that the strap unhitches and the 'babies' go flying through the air, bouncing off walls and carpets. Uproarious laughter commences.

The name of the game? Super Bad Mommies.

Am I doing a bang-up job with this parenting gig, or what?


  1. Anonymous12:49 PM


    I'd say it's all your fault but my guy likes to hand his Lego men by their feet when they are "bad."

    (Worse punishment he gets is no screens for a few days.)

  2. But if uproarious laughter is the end result, then you're probably not doing too badly by them.

    Great post to read!

  3. Hey, it could be worse. My kids try to play a similar game but they put Layla in the doll stroller instead of their dolls. Atleast yours aren't using a real baby.

  4. oh, it shouldn't be funny ... but it is.

  5. Sorry...but that is hilarious!!! LOL!!

  6. ummm, i hate to say this but it sounds like a bad porno name....

  7. That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time!!!
    And I think their Mom is doing a bang up job of parenting.

    Thanks again for my care package :) Just know I wrote down the return address, so expect a few surprises in your mailbox.

  8. Hey, just read this to WB. He sas that's awesome!! But you may want to watch the oldest.....

  9. LOL!!! The games kids play. VERY funny. Monkey has been talking to imaginary frogs.

  10. Anonymous1:57 PM

    No, see, you'd be doing a poor job with the parenting thing if your girls did that and called it "Just like Mom!" or something like that. At least they've figured out that they're super BAD mommies when they do that!

    (I love your girls! They really do sound like they'd be a great match for my boys, if they like younger men.)

  11. Haven't they played that game before? Or one with the same name? They are too funny! What are you teaching them?