Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rachel = Joey

Where did Rachel learn air quotes? And when?

She has no idea how to use them (think Joey on Friends), but that isn't stopping her.

Last night, I was heating up some curry in the microwave while the girls were eating their dinner. When the timer went off, Rae looked over at me and said, "Mom, your "Indian food" is ready." Her head was cocked to the side and her fingers were like curled bunny ears each side of her head. I cracked up.

Later, she asked her sister, who was already in the bath, if the water was too "hot".

I guess I need to be ready when she tells me that something is a moo point.

Note: maybe yesterday's post was a little TMI. I really don't want you all to think that we live in vermin-infested squalor. I just couldn't resist playing around with the movie poster and the mice/lice rhyme. I'm happy to report that the house is now free of mice and lice, and as of 2:40 p.m. Max was recovering well from what Rae would undoubtedly call his "surgery".


  1. Now I'm cracking up laughing about a "moo" point! I have a co-worker who always says "mute" point...drives me nuts...

  2. Anonymous9:12 PM

    haha! I'm going to teach MY kids how to use them--that would be SO CUTE!

  3. "How YOU doin?" I love Joey, and now your daughter.Thanks for the laugh. And, by the way, I think your poster in your last post is hilarious.

  4. Anonymous12:49 AM

    too funny al now rae can get the dorthy hamill haircut like trish did.

  5. LOL! She's too funny!

  6. HEY! That's what MY blog is based on, lol!

    Kids are too funny.

  7. *snort*

    Moo point. LOVE it.

  8. I forgot about the "moo point"!!! Thanks for the laugh and I think its adorable she's using air quotes...even if out of context.

  9. I LOVE Joey! LOL!

    I finally posted about the "Make my day" award you gave me. Thanks again Alison!