Friday, May 01, 2009

Colin Firth is not always brooding

I've been having a Facebook conversation with Jen. You know, Jen, who's having a significant birthday tomorrow? Well, I know that a milestone should be properly celebrated, and so I gave her Colin Firth to have as Husband #2:

And out of the goodness of my heart, too, NOT just to keep her away from my fiancé:

(And I would like to note that she was very gracious in her gratitude.) Now, what was I saying? Yes, Facebook. Well, Jen was saying that Colin seems to be brooding a lot. I've set out to prove her wrong. Humour me and check out the following evidence:

Not brooding at all. Quite content, actually, like he's just finished a lovely meal, and the waitress that just served that lovely meal had a low-cut top and a nice rack.

Definitely not brooding. Definitely happy, verging on giddy. (The extra head growing out of his shoulder is a bit disturbing though.)

Sort of brooding, but if you squint a bit you can convince yourself he's merely undressing you with his eyes.

Not brooding. But exceedingly damp. And prone to leave stains.

Not brooding, merely concentrating on holding a sword to someone's neck while simultaneously looking down her blouse.

Not brooding. Pensive. That's it, pensive. Or thoughtful, abstracted, and preoccupied. (A thesaurus -- best investment I ever made.)

Not brooding. His eyes are closed because he is overcome with love. Or he has a migraine. Or Bridget has just accidentally hit him in the sensitive bits with her purse. But he's not brooding.

So not brooding.

Not brooding. Merely solemn and meditative, and a bit contemplative.

Positively gleeful.

OK. I'll agree this is a full-on brood. No matter. I'm sure that Jen could soon put a smile on his face.

Happy 40th anniversary of National Jen Day!


  1. wow i never noticed how cute colin firth is. :)

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of brooding, in the right circumstances. I am now kicking myself that I didn't know of your existence when I turned 40 so that I could have pestered you for a phenomenal birthday present too. I turn 42 this month - what would that get me? (Say hot buttered toast and you die!)

  3. I'd go for the muddy one before the one with that awful facial hair. He's okay, but I'd be attempting to steal your future husband before hers. Assuming either of them is into sleep-deprived, overweight, neurotic mothers of two (and what smokin' hot British movie star isn't?)

  4. What a classy gift - I love it! I take exception, though, to the conclusion of "brooding" in the last pic. To me, he looks more like he has a slight wedgie but is much too classy to do anything about it and chooses instead to suffer in silence. Handsome, classy silence.

  5. This is me, laughing. Not brooding.

    Alison, you are too much!

  6. Firth is...well...he's perfect. That is all.

  7. When (or if) I ever turn 40 I'm going to ask for an Antonio montage of photos where he doesn't necessarily look smouldering. Also, can I help you with Loth's gift? Please?

  8. Loth - perhaps something can be arranged for your 42nd (a great year, you know. 42 being The Answer to life, the universe and everything). I'll get XUP to help. That should forestall any hot-buttered toast. Have you a reserve husband in mind?

    XUP - I don't think it's possible to create an Antonio montage where he doesn't look smouldering. I think he smoulders 24/7.

    Biblio - It's coffee actually, not mud. Something to do with fair trade. Socially conscious kind of makes up for the manscruff, methinks. And I'm convinced that fortyish semineurotic mothers of two are up Daniel's alley.

    aandj - I've known it since Bridget Jones's Diary. Sigh.

    Jen - I had fun putting it together.

    Jenn - Wedgie!! Of course, that explains that look perfectly. You are very perceptive. (And funny.)

    Maven - I'm sure that if you ever brooded, you'd look fabulous doing it.

    Badness - Yes, isn't he?

    Apathy - Perfect is a good word, and if it weren't for the fact that I'm hopelessly devoted to my pretend fiancé, I'd never have offered him up as a birthday gift.

  9. So you were the one that sent the Firth!

    I'm a fan of the less-brooding Firth.