Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Awesome. Cheesy. Craptastic. Yes, 80s excess at its best/worst.

The dancing! The emoting! The Desperately Seeking Susan spokes-singer! The blond Duran Duran wannabe guy! The flaming torches! The fake snowfall! The new-wave mullets! The parachute pants! The cartwheels! The bending upside-down and singing between the legs while wearing red stilettos!

Yes, it's all here. All that and much, much more. Treat yourself.

(I totally stole this from Bill's Facebook page. Thanks, Bill. And Happy Birthday too, my friend! I think you'll find that your forties rock.)


  1. "That car is mighty fine...
    Can't believe that it's all mine..."

    Those are some deep, thought provoking lyrics.

    The sad thing is, I think I remember this ad from 20+ years ago. How else to explain my perfect recall of the lyrics?

  2. That was a real commercial? Seriously?

  3. Jen - I think I might remember it too. Remember when a commercial could run a minute and a half, instead of seeing 8, 25-second ads, some repeated 2 or 3 times?

    Biblio - Real. Seriously.

  4. yesssss!
    balls to the minivan commercials featuring uber-perfect families....i wanna go back to the 80's!

  5. Craptastic is right! Stupid oversized sweatshirts on girls was my #1 complaint!!!

    Instead of duster - they should have called it 'ruster'.

  6. Becca1:12 PM

    you missed out on commenting on the pat benetar snaps that took place too

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  8. OMG.
    It's my high school years all over again. Complete with hair, clothes and bad videos...even if it was a commercial.

  9. Natalie4:18 PM

    Ah, the good old days when TV viewers still had attention spans.

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