Monday, October 29, 2007

Ms. Attitude

It's hard to remember she's only five years old sometimes.

I had ripped my thumbnail opening a package of pancake mix, and I was nibbling at the nail.

Rachel [indignantly]: Mommy, stop biting your nails.

Me: Oops, you're right, I better go get the clippers.

Rachel [sounding very teenage snotty]: Hah! So, who's the mommy now?

I figured I had another nine years til I had to put up with this level of snark.


  1. I have a teenage four-year-old -- I keep telling people that I am moving out when she becomes an actual teenager!

  2. Sounds exactly like my girls. I'm dreading the teenage years. I foresee some major battles.

  3. And Ladies - it doesn't stop even after the teen years, and that goes for Alison's sister too! [ducking before Alison gets me] {grins}

  4. Anonymous2:42 PM

    No, it starts now. And to think I thought it wouldn't be as bad because I have boys. Ha.

  5. LOL! Logan is pretty sassy himself, for a boy even!

  6. I think they're born knowing how to roll their eyes. I can't believe my girls' eyes haven't actually popped out of their skulls, what with all the rolling they do hourly.

  7. just the other day grace rolled her eyes at me for the first time - it's so exagerrated when she does it i don't know where to laugh or cry, or just hide for the next 15 years....