Monday, September 29, 2008

Bullets over Broadway

A bit scattered today, so bullets it is:

  • I'm back from Arizona, but since I skipped the conference field trip to come home early and relieve the wonderful, amazingly good friend who was looking after my children so that I could attend, I have no awe-inspiring pictures of the Grand Canyon to share, just a bunch of pix of geological editors in group sessions during the conference and at a microbrewery after hours. Although I might post one of the latter due to the fact that we were photo bombed at the brewery.

  • Is it just me, or do people using those cellphone earpieces look really stupid? They talk really loud too, like they want everyone to know they're very important. The Toronto and Phoenix airports were full of them.

  • This past weekend was Carp Fair. All I found on my lawn afterwards was a single pop bottle. Yay! As soon as I download my camera's memory card, I'll post about our trip to the fair and the fun we had. Warning though, there were snakes involved. Big snakes. And an electric cow. And kettle corn. (My addiction to which I am squarely blaming on Jen. Thanks loads, Jen. Now I have 2 ways to get my fix: 1. visit the U.S. and buy lots of bags at a U.S. grocery store, or 2. wait for the Carp Fair to roll around next September and visit the booth where they make it. Neither of which is a very timely option.)

  • I did it again. Small Favor came into the library on Saturday. I was up til 11:30 last night reading and I'm only halfway through. It's the best Dresden File book yet. I am wicked tired today.

  • I am really tired of the American election media coverage. And I'm starting to get tired of the Canadian election too. Could we just all fast-forward to mid-November when this will all be over? Pretty please?


  1. Welcome back!

    I can totally hook you up with kettle corn. Say the word and I'll ship some bags up. I was planning to send some to the girls at Christmas, but can get an early start.

    I'm so sick of election coverage too. I think there ought to be a law limiting how far in advance that campaigning can start.

  2. I hate those cell phone ear thingees. I always think they're talking to me because they're looking straight at me even though I have NO idea why they would be asking me if Aunt Edna really did make that remark at the pot luck.

  3. yay! welcome home? does your friend board other children :)

  4. Wow only a pop bottle I must say those carp fair hooligans went easy on you this year ;)

  5. welcome home.

    i was dying at those photobombs LOL

    and yes those ear pieces drive me bonkers. i secretly want to punch those people i the head

  6. Welcome home! Can't wait to hear and see the details.

    Elections, financial crisis, election... going to be a long six weeks.

  7. welcome back.
    bullet point 5: total agreement.

  8. I'm glad you had a good trip hon.

    Ahh, the kettle corn addiction that Jen started. At least you can get a fix....

    I'm a little disappointed it was only a soda pop bottle. I soo was looking forward to trying to figure out what people were doing on your front lawn:)

    I'm sick to death of the Harper commercials. Really? You put on a sweater vest and kiss a cpl babies and everything's good?