Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Things you don't want to hear your doctor say

"Yes, well, I'm pretty sure that it *is* a sinus infection, as you suspect, but I'm a little concerned about the tenderness over your temple. I want to do a blood test just to rule out biglongscaryname. It's very rare, but let's check anyway."

Great. Now I'm sure I'm going to end up at Seattle Grace where the fact that I have temporal arteritis (also known as giant cell arteritis. Giant cell!? This is not reasuring me any) will be a metaphor for what's going on in the personal life of one of the interns.

I hope it's Alex.


  1. Hope everything goes well. I actually started googling "biglongscaryname" before I read the rest of your post. I'm such an idiot...

  2. Anonymous3:21 PM

    lol @ Susan :-)

    I think you've already had your share of bad luck. It's a sinus infection, I'm sure of it.

  3. Yup, sinus infection, I'm going with that! Keep us posted! Good thoughts coming your way that you don't have biglongscaryname!