Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It really *is* a black hole

I was just looking for a chapstick in my purse. I *know* it was in there, I remember seeing it a couple of days ago while rummaging around looking for a receipt. It was a red one. Cherry probably. I didn't find it.

Here's what I did find, and a strange assortment it is:

a cork from a wine bottle (?!)

I don't remember how that got in there. Oh wait, I do. When I was in San Diego in November, my boss mentioned that she's making a cork board with real corks that she collects from the bottles of wine she drinks. Evelyn and I decided to help her out and we saved the corks from the 2 bottles we had in our hotel room. November. Jeez, I guess it's been a while since I cleaned out my purse.

two identical (and very nice) pens from Technology Sciences Group

Crap. That means I *did* pick up my sister's pen. They were promotional giveaways from the company my Dad works for, and I swore up and down that I didn't have hers, she must have lost it. Guess I was wrong.

a small cardboard box containing a shower cap

Must have grabbed that from the hotel we stayed at in Phoenix in December. Again, I need to clean out my purse more often.

a ticket stub from a Phoenix Coyotes/Nashville Predators hockey game at Glendale Arena in Phoenix

Sigh. That was a good time. The game was great, and I got to see Wayne Gretzky behind the bench. Check out the blurry guy in the yellow circle. Yes! WAYNE!

(Apparently I had reached the limit of my camera's zoom function.)

Oh, and double joy. Who dropped the puck at the start of the game? None other than Phil Esposito! He got a standing ovation. (When I was a little girl, we lived in Sault Ste. Marie, right down the street from Phil and Tony's parents. Cool, eh?)

And while I'm on a hockey tangent. Did you check out any of the All-Star Break coverage last night? The Eastern/Western Conference young players game, or any of the skills competion? It was pretty interesting. I caught the CBC coverage and even with that amazing display of hockey prowess and speed, the thing that really struck me the most is that Marc Messier is. The. Sexiest. Bald. Guy. EVER.

8 temporary tattoos

Those have been kicking around in my purse since Police and Fire Services Day at the Carp Farmers' Market this past summer. The girls got to sit on a police motorcycle and the cycle's owner gave them each a handful of the tatoos.

4 kleenexes, 3 of which are pristine

No explanation necessary. I'm a mom.

a pair of Little Mermaid plastic clip-on earrings

Ditto above.

OK, so it was a pretty cheesy excuse for a blog post. But it works for me.

What's floating around in your purse?


  1. LMAO at your lust for Marc Messier--because I lust for him too! My husband thinks I'm nuts--it's like he's so ugly, he's sexy--and I wonder about his "other" skills--we've had many discussions about this topic, so this blog definitely made my day. I just switched purses recently, so the oddest thing I have in mine at the moment is penicillin which I'm still on to get over the strep. Thanks for a good read!

  2. Your posts crack me up. Need that today! I'll blog abou what's in my purse tomorrow morning. It's a jungle in there!

  3. I don't watch hockey. I don't think I've ever watched hockey. Not even once. Sorry...

    My purse, that's easy. Wallet, containing checkbook, id's, bank cards and cash. Phone. Couple of pens, couple of barrettes, couple of hair ties. Bottle of grown-up ibuprofen, bottle of kids ibuprofen. Keys, if they're not in the ignition. That's it. I carry the smallest possible purse, and only if I have to. Mostly I'll stick cash and id and phone in my pocket and shove the purse under the seat of the truck.

    I never carried a diaper bag, either. I just carried a slightly larger purse, with 1 spare diaper and a paci in it. If I was going to be out awhile I'd toss in a bottle, too... :-)

  4. Susan - LOL @ "other skills". What I wouldn't give to find out! I've always been a hockey fan, and one time a friend of mine was starting up his own fantasy hockey league/pool thing and asked if I wanted to play. And all I could think of was that, to me, the term "fantasy hockey" was all about me, Marc and a hot tub, lol.

    Alissa - You don't know what you're missing. If you can get a hockey game on any of your TV stations, give it a whirl. In my mind, all other sports seem tame by comparison.