Wednesday, January 17, 2007

For Sale: one four-year-old. Will pay shipping.

Boy was Rachel grumpy this morning. No, grumpy does not even begin to cover the tears and tantrums that issued from that little body. She whined, she cried, she stomped, she threw herself down tragically on the floor and dissolved into a hicupping pool of snot and tears. She didn't want to wear the outfit that she herself had picked out last night. I cut her toast wrong and the cereal tasted 'poopy'.

I'm considering selling her on Ebay.

It's my own fault. She was overtired because I dragged her and her sister with me to the Ottawa Carleton District Public School Board meeting last night in order to show support for another mom in the neighbourhood. She, along with the parent-school council, is spearheading an attempt to get more funds to build an addition on our elementary school. It was built in 1967 to house about 350 students. Currently it has more than 500. Due to fire regulations, the whole school can't be in the gym at the same time for assemblies. Rachel, who has just turned 4, has to leave the classroom with a buddy to use the big kids' bathrooms down the hall, because there's only 1 JK room with stalls, and there are 3 JK classes. They can't lock the school doors while school is in session, because students outside in the 9 portables need to come and go from the school to use the bathrooms -- this is a security issue. And the community is actively growing, with new houses popping up like mushrooms. So you know the overcrowding is just going to get worse.

I was thinking, if polite public delegation questions to the Board don't work, then maybe I could sic Rachel on them to throw tantrums until they ante up the funds. Might be worth a try.


  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Couldn't hurt. :-)

    Don't you just hate it when they get like that? Sounds like an early bedtime is in order tonight...

  2. Oh I feel your pain and frustration. Been like that around here with my 4 year old too! And of course Little Mr. I Need To Do Everything My Big Brother Does, follows suit! Aggghhhh, Calgon...