Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And this is why I am not a photojournalist for Rolling Stone magazine

Well, first of all, because I hardly ever go to concerts.

And second of all, when I did go to a concert, last week, I drove up to the venue in a borrowed minivan full of children.  Actually, two of the children were borrowed as well. 

Not much rocker cred there.

Third of all, I didn't bring my camera, so the only pictures I could take with my Blackberry Curve 8520 that has no flash and about 0.0002 megapixels were....somewhat less than stellar.

So here you have Alan Frew, lead singer of Glass Tiger, doing an amazing acoustic set.  He's not only a great musician, but a really funny guy.  He's the whitish blob on the right of the stage.  The left-hand whitish blob is a guitarist.  Honest.

This is Tom Cochrane and Red Rider, still making audiences scream, rocking Scotiabank Place.  They are somewhere in the light.

Oh, this one's better.  Tom is the middle figure in black with the guitar, who appears to have no head.  I can attest that he does, in fact, have a head. 

I saw it.

Yeah, I know. Don't quit my day job.
It was Rae's first concert. After each song, she would clap and 'wooohoooo' like it was Lady Gaga up there. She was going wild. So I asked her, "Isn't this great?". She looked at me and shrugged and said, "Yeah, it's OK."  It was all about the screaming and clapping. That's my Rae.
Concert admission: free.  Parking: $8. Four Slurpees for the girls: $17. (Now I know why I never go to concerts, other than the whole 'not being a music photojournalist' thing.) Watching the girls listening to great Canadian 80s rock and new wave: priceless.  A week later hearing Rachel singing 'Sinking Like a Sunset' to herself: beyond priceless.


  1. I love this post from the title, through the photos, right down to the last line. Priceless indeed!

  2. Natalie2:11 PM

    A trenchant piece of post-modern photojournalism! There's too much hi-res crap out there anyway. ;o)

    And...good ol' Rae! She never lets me down.

    Feel better soon.


    1. You have a point there. *Anyone* could take a recognizeable picture, I follow my own drummer, lol. Rae is always Rae. And thanks, I'm drinking a lot of peppermint tea.

  3. We still haven't taken our girls to their first concert yet. Just waiting on the right show.

    1. Leah went with her friend Alice to see Hedley when they were in town a couple of months ago. Do you get them on the radio down there?

  4. Who cares about the photos! The memories are what count. Rock on, girls!

    1. We had so much fun, Heather. Though Leah's friend Taylor spent a fair bit of time texting. Eyeroll. They were still singing 'Life is a Highway' when we got back to the van, but the 80s ended soon afterward. They commandeered the radio and as we were pulling out of the arena parking lot, I looked in the rear-view mirror and they were all doing the horse dance (as well as they could, seated and seatbelted) to Gangnam Style. Goodbye 80s, Hello 2012, lol.

  5. I am so happy that I am not the only one who has that phone/camera and takes blurry pics! :D Loved them. they can keep their iPhone instagrammin' stuff right? You've got the good memories anyway. Great night out. :D