Saturday, April 09, 2011

This weekend by the numbers

Number of children affected by the violent vomiting virus - 2

Number of times Leah threw up Friday night - 1 (But it was a doozy)

Number of times per hour Rachel threw up between midnight Friday and 5 a.m. Saturday - 3

Number of mothers affected by the VVV in my house - 0 (So far, fingers crossed)

Number of degrees Celcius reached on Saturday in sunshine - 15

Number of yard waste bags filled with leaves which fell from the oak tree after the snow started to fall and I stopped raking last year - 4

Number of shoots of crocus and tulip poking through the soil proving that it's spring - ~25

Number of spider-related screams that startled passing dog walkers - 1

Number of Advil consumed due to muscle pain from yard work - 2

Number of RDJ movies acquired for weekend viewing after girls in bed - 1 (Sherlock Holmes)

Number of RDJ movies viewed Friday night, seeing as night-time hours spent running from one girl's bedroom to the other and to the bathroom to empty vomit bowls - 0

Number of times Grease was viewed instead by sick girls who ended up in my bed in the wee hours - 1.5

Number of RDJ movies viewed Saturday night, seeing as Friday night was essentially sleepless - 0.021 (I think I might have stayed awake for the first three minutes)

Number of feelings of accomplishment for starting to get yard in shape - 1


  1. What a horrid weekend.
    You probably don't want to know that when I was sick with the flu it lasted for days, then the accompanying cough and achiness lasted for weeks, and weeks.

  2. Sorry for the illness, here's hoping things are brighter today

  3. I'm so impressed you did all of that yard work.
    Can you take a flu-associated Post Tramatic day and watch your RDJ movie? Seems so sad to leave him unwatched.....


  4. Violetsky - (In my head, I always pronounce it like it's the name of Russian royalty: Violetski). Poor you! That sounds so awful! This was strictly a 24 hour stomach bug.

    Jen - Thanks. So far, so good, today.

    Meanie - Come hell or high water, RDJ and I have a date tonight!

  5. Well look at the bright side, you got a whole lot of exercise with the back and forths to the washroom.

  6. I am so sorry that the VVV came to visit your house.