Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heroes Aren't Born, They're Built. (And they come with ballgowns and anthropomorphic cats.)

Did you ever decide you needed a night off?

A night where you planned on indulging in a little red wine and Robert Downey Jr.?

And, by happy coincidence, did this night occur when both of your children had been invited on sleepovers?

And, did you ever settle down happily on your bed in your flannel PJs, with the pillows plumped up just right behind your head, a glass of Sangiovese in your hand, and Iron Man in the DVD player?

And just when you were sighing in relaxation and enjoyment, as the movie started and you took that first ruby sip of your wine, did you ever hear the front door opening?

And did you ever spring from the bed, wondering who was walking into your house?

And did you ever run to the front door, a heavy flashlight held in one hand and your wineglass in the other, because you didn't think to put it down?

And then, did you discover that it was your younger daughter, being returned by the sleepover mother due to a "stomach ache" (cough*homesickness*cough) and quickly hide the flashlight behind your back?

And then, instead of spending your evening watching an insanely hot arms manufacturer/superhero, did you ever spend the rest of the evening cuddling a weepy seven-year-old and watching Barbie: Princess and the Pauper?

If you're a mom, chances are that you have.


  1. too bad we don't live closer together. Edie and Youngest could have watched sacharine together while we indulged in The RDJ together.

  2. I'm not a mom. So insanely hot actors are never interrupted by children coming home.

    This is a good thing.

  3. Oh well, at least there was wine.

  4. Yes, been there. Although I am jealous on the sleepover issue, we haven't started that with our kids yet and I am now strategizing on who I can pawn off/organize my children to go to?

  5. meanie - Now *that* sounds like a great plan. Too bad we couldn't just beam over to each other's place à la Star Trek.

    Jazz - Yes, it is a good thing. I console myself with the thought that I only have the kids for a while, so I'd better enjoy them. When they've gone off to university, then I can wallow in all the movies I want. I'll probably miss them though.

    Jen - Yes, there is that. And after two glasses, even Barbie and the annoying talking cats aren't that bad.

    Sara - I'd help out and have them over here, but I'm a little far away ;-P

  6. Agh! I know, I know, parenting means sacrifice -- but Robert Downey junior? How much can one woman give? (awesome poster)

  7. Natalie12:38 PM

    Ouch. RDJ-us Interrruptus. Now that smarts.

  8. Biblio - I *know*! If Mother Theresa had been a real mother, I'd still be more sacrificing.

    Jen - Poor me indeed. I hope I can watch it tonight.

    Natalie - Ain't that the truth. Sigh.

  9. Is this where I 'fess up to liking that particular Barbie movie? Maybe not more than I love Robert Downey Jr. But I still prefer that one to anything Mattel came up with before or afterwards.

  10. Didn't you just have a night off last weekend? This isn't apart-time job you know! But in answer to your questions, yes. For the first 12 years or so we had nothing but aborted sleepovers -- to the point where I didn't know what to do with myself when she finally went to one and 2:00 am rolled around and she hadn't come back.

  11. Been there done that! The kids & I just saw the 2nd Iron Man and boy, Robert Downey Jr. looks GGGGOOOOODDDDD! ;)

  12. Over here it'd be Barbie and the God-forsaken Diamond Castle. R is working on some anxiety issues - it's wreaking havoc on my sleepover camp/try a sport/ meet new people plans!

    Mm. Forsaking Downey Jr for little one. Now that's mama-love.

  13. We get interrupted... not usually watching hot actors. Usually, when we try to sneak a quick one mid-afternoon.

  14. Melessa - I have to agree, as far as Barbie movies go, The Princess and the Pauper is probably the best of the series. Martin Short does make a deliciously campy villain as Preminger, and there is a fair bit of girl empowerment. The talking cats kinda bug me though.

    XUP - I *know*! Two nights off on two consecutive weekends. Weird! Rae made it through the other sleepover just fine. There's no rhyme or reason with her.

    Sarah - As soon as I finally get to see Iron Man, I'm sure Iron Man 2 will be on my list of movies to see. I'm pretty sure I'd sit through a movie of RDJ reading the Toronto phone book....well, if he was shirtless. :-)

    Jessica - Don't get me started on the Diamond Castle, lol. That one is probably in a tie with Barbie Swan Lake for my least fave. It was in high rotation back in the winter. The things we do for our kids.

    Nat - I guess I should be relieved that I wasn't engaged in a quickie when Rachel showed up unexpectedly, rather than drinking a glass of wine and watching a movie. You could always send the Boy outside with a popsicle when the mood strikes you and the Man, lol. (Do you know that joke?)

  15. Since I'm not a mom, I can't say I've ever experienced that. I have however, run down the stairs in lightning speed to let the dog out when I've heard her retching before though. I'm a superhero when it comes to rushing my pets outside to yack up whatever they ate hours ago. LOL

  16. Pauline - I used to have that very same superpower? Elvis, the much-loved cat I had before I had the Evil Ninja Assassin Cat was a long-haired kitty. He had um, issues, with furballs. He used to make this weird noise before he threw up. I would wake from a dead sleep if I heard that and race to put him on the linoleum of the kitchen floor where the cleaning up was much easier.