Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Moonlight sonata

The spring night was magical.

Warm breezes, scented with a hint of the barely open lilac blossoms on the bush outside my open bedroom window, swayed the filmy pink curtains softly to and fro.

The just-past-full moon lit the yard and turned everything silver and black -- the lawn, the trees, and a raccoon hurrying by on some solitary errand.

Stars blazed and wheeled in the night sky, a Van Gogh canvas come to life.

Coyotes yipped and howled down along the river, the sound of their revelry carried up the ridge and through my window on the night wind.

And I was awake at 2 a.m, 3:17 a.m, and 4:03 a.m. to enjoy all this freaking nocturnal beauty because the freaking cat kept jumping up on the bed and standing up on his hind legs to look out the window, sniff the breeze, and growl at the passing fauna -- while using my head as a conveniently positioned standing platform.

And using his claws for balance, of course.


  1. I hear coyotes eat cats. Just FYI.

  2. Jazz - Yep. 'Declawing is mean,' I said. 'I'll never declaw a cat.' Idiot. (Me, not you.) Good thing I love the wee beast.

    Biblio - LOL. Good to know.

  3. What Bibliomania said.

  4. Jen - Actually, my money might be on Max if he went up against a coyote. Ninja skills. :-)

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    It's nice when the kitties make sure we're able to enjoy nature sometimes, isn't it?

  6. Hmm. Shut the bedroom door?

  7. Easy solution. Feed the cat to the coyotes. No more claws and the coyotes shut up cuz they're well fed... see easy. ;o) should have read what bibliomama said first... but hey it's still a good idea.

  8. i remember i used to bring my dog to bed with me to help me feel safe, then he would just scare the shit out of me by jumping at the window every 10 minutes, insisiting "something" was out there.
    he was eventually banned to the laundry room at night (it's okay, his bed was over the vent so he was all cozy).

  9. Coyotes are wild animals so yes, they will eat cats, but people, cars and dogs will also kill felines. That's why it's a good idea to make them indoor cats.:)

    (Though it can be difficult sometimes when they're standing on your face wanting to go out at 3am. ;))

  10. XUP - It's one of the many, many benefits that cats provide to we unworthy humans. Or something.

    Secret Agent Woman - See, I knew someone would point this out. Due to the unorthodox layout of my house (the way the addition was added on by a previous owner), I not only have an ensuite bathroom, but also an ensuite laundry room and an ensuite garage. Max's litterbox is in the laundry room, ergo, my bedroom door must remain open so that he can have access to his toilet facilities. I'll have to look into perhaps moving the box elsewhere.

    Big Brother - Yeah, that would work, except that I like the cat most of the time, and I do like to hear the coyotes singing too.

    Meanie - I know what you mean! Sometimes Max will be curled up at the foot of the bed while I read. It'll be late and the girls will be long asleep. I'll be all comfy, turning pages and sipping a cup of tea/glass of wine, when suddenly he'll sit bolt upright, ears back, and stare intently out the bedroom door. You know, like there's a guy in a hockey mask with a machete out there. I'll get a bit uneasy, and then he'll shake himself, turn around two or three times and settle back down. I think he does it just to get me to react. Bastard.

    Pauline - yep, Max is an indoor kitty. At least in theory. He's quite a Houdini, and sometimes the girls aren't as quick as they could be opening and closing doors. But he never strays out of the yard and is always in by nightfall. I'm not about to let him out on purpose, let alone in the wee hours of the morning.

  11. LMAO... oh no...
    Crows... stupid crows were upset about someone stupid let their stupid dogs out at 5 a.m..

  12. The night before last was pretty magical too. A racoon came to raid the bird feeders, which to his disappointment were empty, but he discovered the chimes!!!

    I've christened him Liberace.