Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sock mystery: solved!

I bought new socks a couple of months ago, in the winter. I got rid of my old worn out socks and bought a few packages of new crew length socks (longer than ankle socks, but shorter than knee socks) in various colours. I bought black ones, charcoal grey ones, white ones, pale blue ones, mid-blue ones, and navy blue ones. About 12 pairs in all. And now, in May, all I can find are the mid-blue ones. And I seem to have more pairs of the mid-blue ones now than when I purchased them.


How could that be? Shouldn't the dryer just be eating one sock of each colour, leaving me with one black, one grey, one white, one pale blue, etc.? But no. There are about 4 or maybe 5 pairs of mid-blue socks in the clean laundry.

I've thought long and hard, and I think I've figured out what's going on.

Seasonal colour transition.

No, really. It all makes sense now. The socks are reacting to the lengthening days, and pigments in their skin are changing to camouflage them against the more colourful summer clothing palette.

It's just nature at her most resourceful. After all, I do live in the northern hemisphere, where wildlife has evolved seasonal colour variations in order to hide themselves from predators (e.g. hares) or prey (e.g. foxes):

There's a Nobel prize for biology, right?


  1. You're definitely a lock for the Nobel.

  2. Not to burst your Nobel bubble or anything, but I'm thinking black-sock-laundry-fade to mid-blue and/or light blue/grey-sock laundry-colour-bleed to mid-blue. As for the disappearing socks that can't be explained by either of the above theories, in my house it's because my daughter sneaks into my room and steals my socks because all hers are bunched up under her bed.

  3. Your socks are alive? That's sort of scary to contemplate actually.

  4. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Check the girls' sock drawers. Erin's and mine tend to stray too.


  5. I think you may be on to something. I would settle for knowing where half a sock pair goes.

  6. That just explained so many mysteries at my house... I think my jeans have done the same thing. I mean how could I possibly LOSE a pair of jeans. You've seen the size of me...

  7. This made me laugh sooo hard :D