Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Culinary dilemma: solved

A couple of days ago, I went out for lunch with my friend Pat. We went to The Pantry, a vegetarian tea room that's been in business for more than 30 years in the Glebe Community Centre. The meal was delicious. I had vegetable-lentil soup, an open-faced tuna salad sandwich on rye, and Italian marmalata cake.

Yes, tuna salad. In a vegetarian tea room. Apparently tuna is a vegetable now.

Taking this into account, along with the European Union's Jam Directive of 1979, which declared the carrot to be a fruit (due to Portugal wanting to trade its carrot jam within the EU), I think I may have found a creative way to solve my Easter Dinner problem.

Due to the travel plans of the family members I've invited for an Easter meal, I'm having my ham and scalloped potato dinner on Good Friday, a day that is tradionally meat-free.

But that's OK. I'm not serving meat, I'm serving fish. Yep, those pink, curly-tailed, funny-nosed fish.

Hey, if it worked for Portugal, it can work for me.


  1. Whatever you want. I actually saw some of those fish in the ocean in Britanny I did. Yep.

    - Jazz

  2. That's a relief. I can now enjoy those funny cylindrical fish in hot dog buns I am planning to barbeque tomorrow!

  3. you are hilarious. and high. i suspect you are also high ;)


  4. Fish is of course not vegetable. But there are many, many pesca-vegetarians out there (like me) who eat seafood but no bird or mammal.

  5. Jazz - I knew you'd be on board with this. :)

    Loth - *Exactly* Enjoy those lovely fishies for dinner.

    Karen - It's only the wine, honest.

    Secret - Yes, I have pescatarian friends. I realize that tuna is not a vegetable, and that a carrot is. This post was totally tongue in cheek, and the 'tuna is a veggie' was done for comic effect. :)

  6. Worked for the Catholics, too ;)