Wednesday, March 30, 2011

According to Rachel: election edition

This morning, getting ready for school/work. Leah and Rachel are giggling over something in the living room.

Me: What's so funny?

Leah: Never mind. Just something Rae and I were talking about.

Rae: Yeah, you're a grownup, you wouldn't get it.

Me: Hey, now you've gone and got me interested. I want to know what you were talking about. [mock threateningly] Tell me now!

Rae: Sometimes you won't tell us why you're laughing at something. You say that it's "not appropriate". I think you're being a hypocrite.

Me [impressed and amused]: Wow, that's a pretty big word, and you're using it right. I guess you could say I'm being a hypocrite.

Rae: Yeah, you are. And let me tell you, hypocrittery isn't nice at all.


Sadly, with the federal election campaign now in full swing, I think we're going to be exposed to a whole lot of hypocrittery between now and May 2.


  1. *battling a visual of hypocritical guinea pigs, gerbils, mice and other critters with little white lawyer wigs on shaking their little hands at each other*

    sounds positively orwellian!


  2. Hypocrittery. There should be a dictionary entry for that word!

  3. Meanie - LOVE the visual!

    Jazz - I totally agree.

  4. Hypocrittery is now a part of my vocabulary!

  5. I am using hypocritter from now on - love it!