Friday, February 11, 2011

Did that just say what I thought it said?

I don't know whether it's because I read very quickly, or because I'm an editor, and used to looking for certain words or word patterns, or maybe I drink too much wine I'm just tired, but lately I find that I'm reading things that aren't there.

It usually happens when I'm reading online in that split second after I've hit the back button on the browser -- or clicked on a new link -- and my eye will pick up a phrase or sentence from the disappearing web page that registers on my brain *after* the new page is already loading, and I can't re-check to see if I really saw what I saw. Which can be some really weird stuff.

Such as the following:

The Princess Royal is handed a posy during a visit to open the new premises of The Princess Royal Trust for Carers' Renfrewshire Carers Centre in Paisley, 26 January 2011. The centre supports more than 3,000 carers in the Renfrewshire area.

'A posy'! That makes so much more sense. I read 'a pony':

I think she'll need a bigger vase.

Or this one, last week:

Top Headlines

Calgary pathologist's reports probed

    A former Calgary medical examiner whose expert reports are being reviewed by Alberta Justice officials has been identified as Dr. Michael Belenky, CBC News has learned.

    'Calgary pathologist'! *slaps forehead* I read 'Culinary pathologist':

    Which is kind of gross, really. Ewwww.

    Or this, which showed up in an ad at the side of my Facebook page:

    NY Ski Deals starting $15

    'Ski deals'! Well that sounds so much better than 'ski deaths', which is what I read.

    Not exactly a great marketing campaign.

    But the best one was this:

    The Canadian Press

    OTTAWA—Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is lashing out at the judicial system, accusing judges and lawyers of undermining Canada’s immigration process by indulging spurious refugee cases.

    I bet you can figure out what I thought I read:



    1. Monster Minister... in Canada these days it's hard to tell the difference.

      I do this too.

    2. Anonymous9:08 AM

      You've brought out his real personality there!

      - Jazz

    3. Brilliant.

      That ski deaths image is going to stay with me all day.

    4. Nat - Did you ever read a billboard wrong when driving and nearly cause an accident? I've done that too.

      Jazz - I was not commenting on personalities. Except perhaps subliminally. :) If the face fits....

      Jen - Thanks! That pic was my favourite of all of them. And stabbing is such a steal at a mere $15.

    5. Natalie10:13 AM

      I increasingly do the same thing. Maybe it's the editorial eye, but I'm tending to ascribe it to age -- in a good way. I think I'm getting more creative and fanciful as I get older. Also more appreciative -- as in, I appreciate the entertainment value of these 'brain typos'.

      Lovely graphics, Al. You are very creative indeed!

    6. Nat - 'brain typo' is the *perfect* term to describe this! And yes, I'm endlessly amused by my own brain typos. And thanks, I like making the pictures.

    7. I think you and Edie should go for drinks.....when she's old enough :)


    8. OK, the pony made me laugh!

    9. Mrs. G - Yeah, me too. That's the one that gave me the idea for the blog post.

    10. Meanie - Maybe you and I should go for drinks.

    11. love that idea even more!
      edie has been driving me to drink lately.
      spring is in the air, maybe a pint in the coming months will happen.