Friday, November 05, 2010


Batman and Robin

Lucy and Ethel

Timmy and Lassie

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy

Evil Ninja Assassin Cat and Henchkitten


  1. Has the Henchkitten had its first kill yet?

  2. ENAC scares me...even more so now there is a Henchkitten!

  3. that looks like a formidable duo to me. evil things are afoot.

  4. You made me laugh out loud :)

    But for Timmy and Lassie, which one was the sidekick?

  5. BAHAHAHA! This is why I heart you.

  6. Anonymous8:58 AM

    So I take it the introduction went well? Maybe because every hero needs a sidekick.

    - Jazz

  7. My son so wanted to be Robin for Halloween but we could only find in a woman's adult costume. Which neither of us could understand.
    So he was Batman instead.
    I love your hero's!

  8. Sasha - Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

    Jen - If the Henchkitten ever killed anytone, it would be by cuddling them to death. He does like to spring on Max and wrestle, though.

    Jen S - The ENAC seems to have given up ambushing me now that there's a kitten to play with.

    Clippy - You bet. I see them watching me sometimes and I worry.

    Finola - That's a good question. I think Timmy might be the sidekick.

    Vanessa - Indeed!

    Maven - Thanks, I may have to hide out at your house.

    Jazz - Yes it went quite well. Angus ran right at Max, who wasn't entirely sure what to do with the little furball. They spend a lot of time chasing each other.

    Heidi - That's weird. You'd think that finding a boy's size Robin costume would be easy.