Monday, November 15, 2010

According to Rachel

In which Rachel blows off an entire subcontinent

Rachel (singing the song from Lady and the Tramp): 'This is the night, it's a beautiful night, and they call it bella notte.' You know, that's the only Indian I know.
Leah: It's not Indian, it's Italian.
Rae: Same thing.
Leah (a mite sarcastically): I think there's a couple of million Indians who probably wouldn't agree with you.
Rae: Whatever.

Rachel, queen of the metaphor. Or simile. I can never get those straight.

Rachel, frustrated because whenever she invites a friend over to play, the friend inevitably gravitates to older sister Leah:
"It's like Leah's a fridge, and all my friends are magnets."

On the subject of cleaning up the toys in the basement

Rae: The basement looks fine. It's not like the Queen is coming over, or Josie, or Marsha Stewart.


  1. I love this kid!

    - Jazz

  2. "The basement looks fine. It's not like the Queen is coming over, or Josie, or Marsha Stewart."

    I'm delighted to hear that Josie and the Queen are on equal footing.

    Who is this Marsha Stewart? Possibly the Martha's more evil twin?

  3. I love the magnet one. And also that Josie = the Queen

  4. Jazz - Yeah, me too.

    Jen and Jen - I think it's totally fitting that Josie is on par with the Queen. She's just as important, but not quite as famous. And no yappy corgis. And, yes, I think Marsha must be Martha's more evil twin.

    The magnet one got to me too. She seemed so forlorn when she said that to me.

  5. Nikki5:18 PM

    Too funny!!

  6. At least she was in the right discipline -- unlike when I asked Eve 2 plus 2 and she yelled "Mommy, I don't know French!". It's lucky for them the entertainment value tends to cancel out the pain in the assness.

  7. I love the magnet one - smart kiddo!

    And who's Josie?

  8. Nikki - I don't know what I'd blog about if it wasn't for that kid. Seriously.

    Allison - That cracked me up, Eve mixing up math and French. Yeah, it's a good thing they're amusing.

    Finola - Josie is a friend I met through blogging. Sadly, she doesn't blog anymore, but happily we've become friends visit each other now and then. Both the Jens who commented know her as well.