Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crazy old lady warning signs

This morning I caught myself having a long conversation with Angus, conducted entirely (on my part) in high-pitched baby talk. He meowed back very sweetly. I said a lot of things like, "Oh him is a pretty, pretty boy, him is!" and "Oh, who has the cutest little fuzzy tummy?"

Can unfortunate flowered blouses and tea cups full of gin be far behind?


  1. What concerns me more is the possibility that you'll adopt at least five more cats.

  2. You sound perfectly sane to me! But then I've had similar 'chat's with my dog and have noticed I get odd looks. What's wrong with people? It's them, not us.

  3. Natalie2:03 PM

    Crazy doesn't matter. It's happy that counts.

  4. Our friends recently got a miniature Pinscher. It was on my lap and I stood up to leave, cuddling him and saying good-bye and then I said "I kissed him. I just kissed a dog". Small furry animals just make people crazy.

  5. Jen's Pete5:53 PM

    I'd be more concerned about the Yoda-like grammar, but hey, enjoy the teacups of gin! :-)

  6. Does this mean I have to take the unfortunate.... I mean beautiful flowered blouse back that I bought for your Christmas present?

  7. Are you feeling and urge to get two or twenty new cats?

  8. Jen - no worries on that front. The two I have are busy eating me out of house and home. I couldn't afford any more.

    Clippy - exactly! It's them. I hope.

    Natalie - I agree.

    Biblio - They do make you crazy, in the best possible way.

    Pete - if you can drink a bottle of beer, or a glass of champagne, then I can drink a tea cup of gin. I'll share the gin with Yoda if he shows up.

    Jilly - Yes.

    Nat - Nope. At least, not yet :-) I wouldn't have adopted Angus if he hadn't literally turned up on my doorstep.

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