Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Homes Tour 2009. Kinda.

Once again, Jen has organized the Holiday Homes Tour. And I was all signed up, honest. But then my camera, given to me as a Mother's Day gift in 2005, went kablooey (technical term) and I was unable to photograph the decor. Sooooo, since my house looks virtually the same this year, right down to the snowy yard, we'll just pretend that this post from last year is new, OK?


When Jen first suggested that we throw a virtual open house to show off our Christmas decorating, I was a bit dubious, but threats gentle persuasion worked, so, please, come on in and help yourself to some virtual eggnog and virtual Christmas cookies. They're very good.

First, here is the external decor:

I'd like to say I'm responsible for the lovely snowy look, but I have to give credit to my exterior decorators. Perhaps you've heard of them: Mother Nature and Old Man Winter? [The snow is deeper this year, so imagine more.]

Wait, I did do the elf on the door:

Come on in. Now we're in the front hall and looking at the bookcase, which is usually in the living room, but makes its annual pilgrimage to the hall to make way for the tree. These stuffed animal ornaments are usually hung on the tree, but it's a smaller tree this year, so they are sitting up here to greet guests. [It's a huge tree this year, but I liked how they looked on top of the bookcase, so they're there again.]

(Sorry for the darkness of the photos, I was taking them without the flash, as the flash was making everything look all washed out. Photography is not one of my many talents. Unlike, say, Microsoft Paint.)

Here is where the stockings hang: [Photo updated include the new red, star-shaped, antique-looking candle holders.]

Yeah, my colour palette in the living room is more suited to Halloween than Christmas, but what are you gonna do? Here are some close ups of things on the mantle.

The Nativity Scene. As is traditional around here, one of the shepherds needed his feet glued on again.

Here is my Mexican Nativity Scene, a Christmas gift from my friend Evelyn when we were in San Diego together. I love that it has a llama in it.

Here is the Christmas village my mum gave me this summer:

And finally, the tree: [This year's tree takes up roughly half the living room.]

So, thank you all for coming, it was lovely to have you over. Don't forget your gloves, it's cold out there. Bye!




Die, tiny ceramic humans! Feel the sting of my paw! I will bat you all over the edge of the abyss! I will crush the one you call Claus beneath the raw power of my glutes. Bring me tuna or face the annihilation of all you hold precious.

(Merry Christmas from the Evil Ninja Assassin Cat.)


Head on over to Jen's for links to other blogs holding open houses today.


  1. I was feeling all warm and cozy, starting with the adorable elf on the door, then moving on to all your other great decorations ... then ENAC showed up and now I am afraid.

  2. Your tree rocks. And I love the Mexican nativity.

  3. I love a home tour.
    great decorations.
    (hate the snow)
    like the cat.

  4. Oooh, snow, icky. I have severe yearnings for my home state, Texas, at this time of the year.

    The house looks (looked) great :). ENAC is quite the dude!

  5. Uh-oh. Don't piss off the cat. He might eat your Mexican nativity next.

  6. You have a village! I'm so jealous. Sweet home, funny cat, awesome decorations.

  7. I love the evil ninja assasin cat. Oh I do, I do.

  8. Where can I get me a cat like that? :) We are lucky that our animals have never bothered a thing is our house--WHEW!

  9. What? No refreshments? Really, I want to just sit down for a bit and admire everything at my leisure, and a glass of wine or something would be nice.

  10. You covered your camera malfunction very cleverly! Love the cat. Cats rule the world and your cat is showing it better than some.

  11. It all still looks great!

  12. Looks evwen better than last year!

  13. Your resourcefulness knows no bounds. I can't imagine having a tree big enough to hang those animals on. Every year I tell my husband to get a better tree and every year it gets more Charlie Brown-ish.