Friday, December 04, 2009

The one about how to make a Lego table

I know it looks like a cop-out to to post two of last year's posts in row, but I had a few requests to repost the instructions on how to make a Lego table, so here they are. This really is an easy project that will bring literally years of enjoyment. I made ours in 2005 right before Christmas, and my girls are still playing with it and have asked Santa to bring them more Lego this year.

Making a Lego table

My kids love Lego.

I love Lego too. Except when walking through the living room in the dark and 'finding' a piece with the bottom of my foot. That, I don't love so much. So a couple of years ago, I decided to get a Lego table for the girls for Christmas. That way they could play to their hearts' content and not have to put everything away at the end of the day, and yet the tender soles of my feet would remain unscathed.

Then I started pricing Lego tables. They were ridiculously expensive. Like $120 or more. I figured I could do better for less. And I did.

Take 1 Lack side table from IKEA ($14.99):

Add 4 Lego base plates from Playvalue ($7.99 each):

Align base plates carefully* and stick down on table surface with plastic-friendly adhesive ($2.99). Allow to dry.

Add 2 buckets of Lego pieces ($10.00 each on sale):

And you have a great Lego table and almost 1000 pieces of Lego, for around $70.

Not puncturing the bottom of your foot and saying words the kids don't need to hear: priceless.

*There is a trick that you need to know. First, don't butt the plates up against each other, or the spacing will be off. You need to attach the base plates to each other with a few pieces of Lego before sticking the base plates down, so that blocks will be able to be attached over the gaps between the plates. You can use a 4-bump brick at the centre, and a couple of bricks down each side in order to get the spacing of the gap between the plates just right.

It's a great gift, and one my kids are still playing with three four Christmasses later:

I just checked the Ikea and Playvalue websites, and the table and base plate costs are still the same as last year. Of course you can buy a small table and Lego at other stores as well, and the costs probably won't be much different.

Good luck, and drop me a comment if you make one!


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Can I still comment even if I have no intention of making a Lego table?

  2. That is genius! I wish I had known you about 5 years ago! (11 and 9 year old boys are getting to be too cool for Lego. Almost.)

  3. I'm emailing this link to Pete right now.

  4. that's brill! i will get my other half to make one of those for the grandkids. i already have the ikea table and a playroom with toys for when they come over so that would be a great addition.
    thanks :-)

  5. Love it, want to make one for the boys too!?

  6. Freaking awesome! I wonder if my son is too old. He did just proudly show me a Lego something-or-other recently.

  7. Cool, my twin grand daughters love Lego or the big version of them. I'll make them a table as soon as they graduate to the smaller blocks.

  8. Anonymous3:51 PM

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  9. Anonymous7:31 AM

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  10. HappyMomof211:26 PM

    This is exactly what I want to do for my boyz. I bought the table ( coffee table from a thrift store ). Just needed to figure out where to get the lego base plates. Now I will look into that,then paint my table, and the boyz wil luv it. Thanx for your input and info.

  11. how did you stick the base plates to the table...i heard that spray adhesive is not suitable what should i use instead?

  12. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I ordered the Ikea coffee table with storage under it to store the legos. The table cost 19.99. Can't wait to get and put in my classroom. thanks for the idea.

  13. Away at the end of the day, and yet the tender soles of my feet would remain unscathed.where to buy lego tables