Saturday, December 05, 2009

Conversations that have me reaching for the wine bottle

Me: Let's get this living room cleaned up now before bedtime, because we have someone coming over tomorrow morning.

Rae (the seven-year-old): Who's coming over?

Me: Alicia. She's babysitting you while I go out for brunch with my friends. She'll be over at 10:30.

Rae: When is she coming over?

Me: 10:30.

Rae: No, when is she coming over.

Me: 10:30. In the morning.

Rae [in an exasperated tone]: You don't understand what I'm asking. When is Alicia coming over?

Leah [trying to help]: Alicia is coming over at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

Rae [beyond exasperated]: You still don't understand. When. Is. Alicia. Coming. Over? Noon? Evening? When?

Me [getting a little exasperated myself]: Alicia is coming over tomorrow morning at 10:30.

Rae: You're not giving me the right answer!

Me [starting to lose it]: Yes I am. I'm giving you the exact right answer. Alicia will be here tomorrow at exactly 10:30 a.m. That is the only right answer. That's when she'll be here. At 10:30. In the morning. Tomorrow.

Rae: You don't understand. When is Alicia coming over? Early morning? Late morning? Noon?

Me: Oh. 10:30 is late morning.

Rae: Well why didn't you iust say so then? That's all I wanted to know. Why do you always make everything so hard?

Me: ....

[Sound of wine cork being pulled violently from the bottle]


  1. I can only imagine myself beating my head against a wall after a conversation like that.

  2. i think somebody is getting a watch for Christmas?

  3. I'm with Jen, I'd be thumping my head against the wall.

  4. 10.30 is late morning? Really?

  5. Jens - I considered the head thumping but opted to acquire a headache thru wine consumption instead.

    Clippy - I doubt that would solve the apparent communication problem we have going on here. But it would make a nice gift.

    Loth - during the week the girls are up at 6:15, so 10:30 is late morning for them.

  6. See, my kids have me trained way better than that -- I would have known to say 'late morning' the first time she asked. Considering that when Eve stays home from school she often asks 'is school still going' at nine-thirty in the morning and Angus likes to get ready three hours before every hockey game, it seems obvious that telling them the hour of the clock is completely purposeless.

  7. pour me a glass!

  8. Sounds like a comedy skit from the Marx brothers or Abbot and Costello.;o)

  9. We missed you so much today and am looking forward to the re-do in January...

    Stupid cars.

  10. i think it might be an interesting social experiment to put Rae and Gracie in a room together and see what happens

  11. I need wine after just reading that!

  12. Anonymous2:32 PM

    So, what you're saying is that you didn't make it to brunch because you were too drunk to drive? It had nothing to do with the car not starting???

  13. Reminds me of some of the crazy mis-communications I have with one or two of my coworkers.
    Unfortunately, there's no wine here.;)

  14. I had to reach for the booze in order to finish reading this. OMG!!