Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Singin' the blues

Well, it turns out my car has a faulty crank sensor. Alrighty then. (I wonder if people can have this problem too, and that's why they're so cranky -- their sensor is faulty and they don't know that they should just lighten the hell up. But I digress...)

The good news is that I should get the car back today, and that my amazing friend and next-door-neighbour Connie drove my kids to daycare and me to work yesterday, and then picked us all back up and brought us home. (I have the Best. Neighbours. Ever.) I'm working at home today so I'll be able to pick it up when it's ready. Also, it's a fairly small repair bill, which is a good thing.

The bad news is we're expecting freezing rain all afternoon, and if I don't get the car back early enough, I'll have to walk to the school in freezing rain to pick the girls up and walk them home, because school buses were cancelled today. Leah had a 7:30 a.m. dentist appointment, we left the house on foot at 7:00 for the dentist's office (sort of halfway between home and school) and I didn't listen to the radio before we left to hear the news and didn't discover it until we had walked to school and found that it was in snow-day mode and there would be no buses home. Sigh.

Oh, and my staus as Angel of Death, Appliance Division (Canada) seems to be totally without dispute, as yesterday, the dryer heater died. It'll tumble, but it won't get hot. Double sigh.

Now if you're thinking (and I don't blame you if you are), "Alison's whining about her life AGAIN!", this was actually a long-winded and only marginally clever intro to this:

What's your blues name?

Follow the instructions below for the genuine thrill that comes with discovering your blues name: From the first list, take the name using the initial of your first name. From the second list, do the same with your middle name. From the third, your surname.

First List: A=Fat; B=Muddy ; C=Crippled; D=Old; E=Texas; F=Hollerin'; G=Ugly; H=Brown; I=Happy; J=Boney; K=Curly; L=Pretty; M=Jailhouse; N=Peg Leg; O=Red; P=Sleepy; Q=Bald; R=Skinny; S=Blind; T=Big; U=Yella; V=Toothless; W=Screamin'; X=FatBoy; Y=Washboard; Z=Steel-Eye

Second List: A=Bones; B=Money; C=Harp; D=Legs; E=Eyes; F=Lemon; G=Killer; H=Hips; I=Lips; J=Fingers; K=Boy; L=Liver; M=Gumbo; N=Foot; O=Mama; P=Back; Q=Duke; R=Dog; S=Bad Boy; T=Baby; U=Chicken; V=Pickles; W=Sugar; X=Cracker; Y=Tooth; Z=Smoke

Third List: A=Jackson; B=McGee; C=Hopkins; D=Dupree; E=Green; F=Brown; G=Jones; H=Rivers; I=Malone; J=Washington; K=Smith; L=Parker; M=Lee; N=Thompkins; O=King; P=Bradley; Q=Hawkins; R=Jefferson; S=Davis; T=Franklin; U=White; V=Jenkins; W=Bailey; X=Johnson; Y=Blue; Z=Allison

You can call me Fat Fingers Bailey. Now where's my harmonica?


  1. Boney Gumbo Davis here. Of course I was Boney Gumbo McGee before I married.

    WTF is a crank sensor?

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  3. Sorry, typo I wanted to fix!

    When it rains it pours, huh? (Or shoudl i say when it rains, it freezes?) Always seems that the appliances have formed some sort of eternal bond with each other and they all want to die together.

    Muddy Liver Franklin

  4. Anonymous3:07 PM

    And the really funniest part of the whole story is that we never got even a drop of rain freezing or otherwise and even had some dazzling sunshine for a while there so next time they call for a storm the buses are NOT going to jump the gun and then we WILL get a storm and all the kids will be stranded at school or get on a bus that will roll over a cliff because of the ice. So there. Okay, none of that was very funny afterall

  5. Wasn't it? I must just be easily entertained by morbid jokes, then.

    My dryer just did the exact same thing, so apologies if I transmitted bad appliance karma. It was the thermostat. It cost a hundred bucks. Do you know anyone who can replace a thermostat? Or do you have lots of places to hang things? (you couldn't move without getting slapped in the face with drying pjs and undies for a few weeks in my house).
    Fat Liver Lee

  6. I appear to be Pretty Lemon Parker. Which sounds disturbingly like some twee new toy for girls. Sigh. Even my blues name is uncool.

  7. Just worked out my husband is Fat Legs Parker! I feel better.

  8. Peg Leg Bones River... odd.
    Looks like the weather worked in your favour, but until your streak of killing household appliances is over, you have to stay away from my house.

  9. Boney Gumbo McGee. Odd, because I am clearly not boney.

    Bummer about the car. :-(

  10. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I don't have a middle name. I can't play. Waaaaahhhhh....discrimination!!

  11. Boney Gumbo Jefferson here

    stupid freezing rain warning. crap. no freezing rain. no school.


  12. XUP - for the purposes of this naming process, I'm giving you a middle name. Would you rather it be Ingrid or Jolene?

  13. ummm, whining is this:
    "Mommmmeeeeee! it's not fair that Edie gets to hold your water bottle and I donnnnn't"

    whining is not complaining about broken cars, appliances, freezing rain etc. You are having a bad run!

  14. Curley "Sad Boy" Jackson.

    Love it!

  15. Screamin' Bones Lee.

    And maybe an exorcism would help with the appliances?!

  16. Jailhouse Boy Jefferson-Jones. I think I like it better than the really thing. Can I keep it?

    BTW - I'm not sure if I believe in the weather gawds any more.

    Hey, XUP, because you don't have a name officially given to you that means you get to pick one! Our house rules say so. (My Dad is in the same boat. We gave him the middle name Oliver!)

  17. Krista3:31 PM

    I like yours...

    I'm Curly Bones Washington.