Friday, November 28, 2008

News flashes

The first snowman/snowfort combo of winter 2008/2009 was built in the front yard the night before last:

(Yes, Mum, that is the hat and scarf you gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Don't worry, I'm going to chip it off the frozen snowman head unwrap it gently and bring it in soon.)

Also, this just in -- proof that Max is still all male even though he's had certain organs removed. (Right after I took the photo, he said,"Get me a beer, wouldja?" and changed the TV channel to hockey. It's in the chromosomes, people.)

And despite the fact that I've never been a Meat Loaf fan, I saw this yesterday, and I laughed so hard, I think I broke my diaphragm. (Ummm, I mean the internal organ thingie, not the birth control device.)

Stay tuned for more riveting drama, as in my next post I recount the reasons I got no sleep the other night.


Oh, and if you have just fallen off the turnip truck and are unaware that this blog, Party of 3, has been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award in the Best Family Blog category, and can be bribed persuaded to go and vote for me, please go here. First-round voting ends tomorrow, and only the 5 blogs with the most votes will move on.

If it would motivate you to vote, feel free to imagine me doing this:


  1. I voted for you, eh! How aboot that!


  2. Well, at the least the cat is relaxing and not actively plotting your demise.

  3. TOTALLY love the snowfort pics! All we got for thanksgiving was MUD. (and I got the laundry that ensues)sigh.

  4. We here at my house are jealous of your snowman making abilities! It's great! My kids just brought in my frozen hat full of mud and leaves from their first snowman of the year. I'm not in a hurry to lend it to them for their second effort!

  5. Voted.

    I too have snowman envy. I just wish my children would go outside long enough to make a darned snow man. Usually they just press their noses up against the window and ask to go back to practicing the violin. ;-)

  6. I voted for you Aunt Alison!!!

    BTW you should yell at both my mother and my nana for not telling me you had a blog!! GEEZE!!!

    Hope You WIN!!!!