Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yay! Boo!

The pool is no longer green. Yay!

It's still kinda turquoise and cloudy. Boo!

With any luck, I should be able to get it swimmable by the weekend. Yay!

It's going to rain on the weekend. Boo!

I had time between getting home from work and taking the girls to Rae's soccer game to work on the pool, and I got the pump and filter going. Yay!

There's a leak in one of the connections at the chlorinator. Boo!

I have plumber's tape. Yay!

That's not the problem. Boo!

I have a replacement part already. Yay!

The parts need to be glued together with special glue. And we all know how well I do with glue. Boo!

I didn't glue myself to anything. Yay!


I was able to teach the girls to respect nature and do a good deed by stopping the car and getting out to carry a turtle across the busy county road he was trying to cross. Yay!

As soon as I picked him up, he peed on me. Boo!


The girls are going to visit their dad overnight this weekend. Yay!

I should catch up on yardwork, pool maintenance and laundry. Boo!

Instead, I'm going to hang out at WestFest with a couple of girlfriends, then we're going to drink some Cosmos and catch the Sex and the City movie. Yay!


I finally got a new lawnmower. Yay!

I have to use it. Boo!


The frog didn't keep me awake last night. Yay!

The cat kept me awake last night. Boo!


What's going right and wrong in your life right now? I promise I'll comment on your comments.


  1. It sounds like, on the balance, things are pretty good for you.

    I can't complain myself, other than the fact that I'm having a hard time sticking to Weight Watchers this week. My Monday weigh-in is going to hurt.

  2. It looks like I will be keeping my job, at least for awhile. YAY!

    My lab-mate is not. Boo. Not only does that put her out of work and uninsured (and she's got 2 little kids, and she's got rheumatoid arthritis) but it makes me the only person in the whole place that can do my job. Boo.

  3. Jen - yup, on the whole, things are pretty good right now.

    Alissa - I'm so glad to hear your job is safe for now. I'm sorry to hear that your lab-mate is losing hers, I hope she can find something else soon that includes health insurance.

  4. yay and boo for all your things - sorry, i'm in a hurry!
    i'm going to be at westfest too with grace and edie - look for the frazzle gal yelling and her kids!
    sex and the city - let me know what you think of it...i have mixed feelings....

  5. Been that kind of day all around.

    Have fun at Westfest -- supposed to be a good one this year. (Near my 'hood.)

  6. Hi Alison - have a great time at WestFest. You might have to party for me too. I've got to muster up the fun gene. The serious one is taking over right now.

    re pizza night - next one is July 4th (it's every second Friday, scheduled for when the kids come home). Bring your crew too. I can send specs if you'd like to show: mirigo at rogers dot com.

  7. Oh, PS - I took you up on the challenge to post the good and the bad - left it over on Adventures ... I need to put a post up.

  8. My son is slowly driving me insane. Boo!
    My boss is not taking his meds. Boo!
    I have a crazy ass week end ahead. Boo!
    I had to green apple vodka and sodas with no pain. Yay!Yay!Yay!Yay!

  9. Meanie - I'll keep my eye out for you and the girls. It'll seem weird being out without mine for a change, but a good weird. Hope you have fun.

    Nat - Will you be going?

    Mim - thanks for the invite! Will check the calendar, might be tied up on the 4th. Will email when I know.

    Josie - Booo to the boss (I assume you mean the wanker and not the big boss.) Yay for vodka! No, seriously, I was saying that last night as I was drinking a hard lemonade.

  10. I am in grading hell--term papers, final exams, and presentations--Boo!
    After the grading is finished, my teaching will be over for 3 months--Yay!
    I have a grant deliverable due next week-Boo
    We're going camping with 8, yes 8, other families next weekend--yay!

  11. Sara - You need to clone yourself to get all that work done. Seriously. And camping with 8 other families sounds like a whole lot of fun, but lots of organization. Don't forget to bring some emergency vodka.

  12. Yay for having a pool! I wish I had something one -- I just have a muddy creek that is, at best, ten inches deep. Not so good for the cooling off!

    Hope you enjoy the SATC movie! I saw it last week. I thought it was pretty good...but then, I'm in love with Chris Noth so I could be a little biased. :)

  13. Hey, I'm going to Westfest tomorrow. I'll see you there. Wear a red carnation in your buttonhole, so I'll know it's you.

  14. This made me laugh, a lot: "I didn't glue myself to anything. Yay!" :D

    I had to work this weekend (BOO!) but tonight I get to go to the bookstores and Starbucks. (YAY!)

    The dog is shedding so much right now that I'll sweep and Swiffer and five minutes later it looks like I didn't do a thing. (BOO!) But he's So. Freaking. Cute. and a really good dog (YAY!) so I have to forgive him.

    The cat still picks on the dog (BOO!), but hasn't actually tried to eat his face off (YAY!).

  15. The school year is almost over! YAY!

    Logan is going to be a 1st grader on Friday! Boo!

    Which means I'm almost done running Quinn back and forth to preschool 3 days a week! YAY!

    We've got to pay for 3 kids in daycare for the summer! Boo!