Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Now that I'm back from San Diego and have finally gone through all the photos I took while I was there, there were a few I'd forgotten taking. They made me laugh in one case and roll my eyes in disbelief in the other. They were photos of signs. I present them to you now without further rambling.

OK, so this kind of makes sense. Warning pedestrians to beware of vehicles. This sign was posted where the pedestrian walkway crossed over the laneway to the underground parking at the hotel.

Then, there was this, where the driveway crossed the sidewalk:

Now that just cracked me up. I could see "Caution, pedestrians" or maybe "Watch out for Pedestrians", but "Beware"? Like pedestrians were going to leap suddenly from the bushes and throw themselves onto the windshields of passing cars while screaming and brandishing machetes, lol.

Oh, and the one below, which was posted on the wall of the room where we had our banquet:

Yeah, that's really going to whet your appetite for the Mexican buffet. I can only surmise that California is such a litigious state that hotels and restaurants post signs like these to cover their butts in case of lawsuits. Either that, or I had a nice asbestos sandwich and didn't notice.


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Preservatives. Preservatives cause cancer. :-)

    You gotta watch out for those California pedestrians. They'll getcha every time!

  2. Anonymous4:07 PM

    LOL! I love those signs. Pedestrians are a rowdy bunch ya know!

  3. Gotta love the signs :)