Thursday, November 16, 2006

La casa del estrogen

We live in an all-girl house. The toilet seat is never up, except for cleaning the toilet. Every last one of us knows how to replace the toilet paper roll, and does it without complaining or being reminded. We dance a lot, and sing very loudly and badly to vintage 1980s Madonna songs. We tend to wander around half-dressed if we feel like it, and I'm sure that modesty is something that I'm going to have to teach the girls, since they will shuck their clothes in the living room if the mood takes them.

I was saying yesterday to Rachel that wasn't it nice to live in an all-girl house, and she replied, "But Elvis is a boy". Well, maybe chromosomally the cat still qualifies, but that's about it. She then went on to tell me, "You know, you don't really need a boyfriend, you have Elvis." Where did THAT come from? Advice from a four-year-old: date the cat.

Hmmmm, species aside, he's small, furry, toothless, and neutered. Not exactly what I was looking for in a boyfriend.


  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Date the cat. Hmmmm. It's a thought... :-)

    My cats are girls. Good thing, otherwise I'm outnumbered 3-1. But trust me, my boys are no more modest than your girls. More than once I've had to shuffle them quickly into another room when a car pulls into the drive because one or both of them don't have any pants on.

  2. Anonymous2:49 PM

    HA! Rachel just cracks me up! Sure Alison, date your cat. That will solve the toliet seat problem for sure, I'm sure you might not find a boyfriend who leaves it down all the time!

    I have a female cat, to help the estrogen level inn my house full of testosterone!