Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I wonder if this ever happened to Rodin?

Last night's trick or treating went very well. Unexpectedly warm weather made the annual round of the neighbourhood a pleasant outing instead of the usual sleet/cold rain/occasional snow flurry extravaganza, with all Halloween costumes hidden under snow suits. In the rush to get home from work and pick the girls up from daycare, get supper and get everyone costumed up and ready to go, I neglected to take any pictures of the girls in their costumes or of the lit jack o'lantern. Around 6, we set up the jack o'lantern out on the front porch and put bowls of candy out ready for the goblins (hoping that the first kids by didn't just empty the bowls into their bags) and set out.

We were home by about 7:15 with bags bulging with chips and candy. After the kids were in bed, not too badly sugared-up, I went out on the porch to blow out the candle in the jack o'lantern, only to find it gone. Gone! And I hadn't even taken a picture of my masterpiece. I looked around and the neighbours' pumpkins were still all there, merrily flickering away, but mine was gone. Damn.

I'm trying to console myself with the thought that someone was so overcome with admiration for my carving abilities that they were helpless to stop themselves making off with my truly stellar flaming skull jack o'lantern. Well, that and the fact that now I don't have to store a decomposing pumpkin in my garage til next garbage day.

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