Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A moment in time

The Hacienda Hotel, Old Town, San Diego. A warm November night. Two friends and colleagues, their hair still in wind-blown disarray from a shoreline geology field trip of San Diego Bay on a boat, full and happy from margaritas and a wonderful Mexican dinner, are heading to their respective rooms.

So, your talk is right after lunch tomorrow?

Yep. The start of the second technical session.

And you have a Powerpoint presentation?

Nope. Linda, I *know* this stuff. I can give this talk with just speaker's notes. I don't need a slideshow.

You need a slideshow. Come on, we can make one right now.

[sort of pouting] But I'm tired.

Come on, Alison....I'll bring the laptop out to the table in the courtyard in front of my room and we'll work on it outside. [wheedling] I have a bottle of wine....Let's see if these California reds are anything to write to you about.

'Write home about'.

Merci. 'Write home about'.

[sighing] OK.

Some night-blooming flowers are scenting the air. The fountain on the courtyard wall splashes softly in the background. A lot of laughing accompanies the work on the laptop. The wine is very, very good.

Thanks, Linda. The talk will be better with a slideshow.

No problem.

You know, I could get used to this.

Which, Alison? The working out of doors? Or the wine? [grins]

All of it. Seriously, this is the way to live. Very civilized. Could you imagine doing all our work outside, with a glass of wine? We'd either be super-productive, or very liver-damaged.

[laughing] We couldn't do this in Ottawa though. I don't know if you would get people to participate into meetings outside in November.

Probably not. Here. Fill me up. [giggles] Hey, let me take a photo of this: "Linda, working hard at her laptop."

You are too funny. Wait, let me hold the bottle up. For effect. [grins]

Linda Guay
Tu me manques, mon amie.


  1. Natalie1:39 PM

    I can hear her speak!

    A lovely retelling of a lovely story.

    Thanks, Alison.

  2. I was going to say something glib about the wine.

    Then I saw the end of the post. I'm so sorry.

  3. ((hugs))

    I lost my friend Eleanor in spring 2006, just one year older than me. It's hard.

    ((more hugs))


  4. Ugh. Sucker punch. Good to grieve with good memories, though.

  5. What a lovely tribute! Memories are a great comfort at times like these.

  6. what a nice tribute.
    sorry you lost a friend.

  7. Anonymous11:38 AM

    You captured Linda perfectly!

  8. A very lovely memory. I'm sorry you lost a good friend, Alison.

  9. I'm so, so sorry you lost your friend.

    I lost mine suddenly in July 2007, and it's terribly hard.

  10. We should all be so fondly remembered. She sounds like someone we all would have enjoyed a glass of wine with.

    I'm sorry for you loss. Hugs.

  11. Anonymous11:12 PM

    I thought I was done crying and you've started me up again. God, it sounds just like her.

  12. Ah, I'm sorry. It always shakes me up to hear about someone my age dying. Sounds like a good friend.

  13. Thanks everyone for all your kind words. Linda was a force of nature, and I find it difficult to believe that I won't hear her footsteps in the halls anymore.

    She was vivacious, energetic and full of good spirits and humour. I will remember her best from moments like this one, and I'm lucky that I have lots of other moments like this in my memory.

  14. a very beautiful story, Alison. Much sympathy for your loss.

  15. I am so sorry for your loss but that is a wonderful story to be remembered by!


  16. Louis9:11 PM

    Thank you Alison for sharing this beautiful momemto of our dear friend Linda.

    I am so sad...another good reason to live, and appreciate, the present!