Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let the chips fall where they may....preferably in my mouth

I had an epiphany at the gas station yesterday. I was running on fumes when I picked the girls up from daycare, and so we detoured to the gas station on our way home. While waiting in line to pay, my eyes wandered over (not literally though, thank God) and landed on this:

Lay's Fries 'n Gravy potato chips.

Let's stop a minute and consider the massive world-changing import of this. All the goodness of these:

in a bag!

Somewhere a choir sang, and a single ray of sunshine burst through the massive overcast sky, pierced the grimy gas-station window, and illuminated the chips in all their glory. Like someone in a dream, I reverently grasped the precious bag (single serving -- I haven't found the big ones yet) and purchased it in a state of enlightened grace and interior peace. Or maybe I was just hungry.

When I got home, I shooed the girls outside to play and then took a half-hour vacation from life with my book and the bag of chips. It was better than a weekend in Montreal. (No hangover.) They are good. Scary good. It will be a very bad thing if I find the big bags.

The flavour choice is pure genius. What goes better with potatoes than gravy? Nothing. (Well, ketchup, maybe. But here's the best part -- Lay's has ketchup chips too.)

They are thin and crispy, and if I closed my eyes and imagined the smell of car exhaust, it was just like standing outside one of these:

scarfing down a mouth-burning pile of gravy-drenched fries. Only without the burning part. Or the gravy stains on my jeans. Pure. Deliciousness.

Dear Lay's,

Thanks for creating such a wonderful new snack. My tastebuds thank you. My waistline, however, is less than impressed. Please supply me with an address to which I can send the bills for my new larger clothing.

Your devoted friend,


I got to thinking that Lay's has pretty well created a whole balanced meal of chips.

There's the main course, roast chicken:

The side-dish, fries and gravy:

A vegetable:

And a condiment:

To round it out, all we need is for Lay's to come up with dessert:


I would just like to go on record as saying that I do not work for Lay's, nor have they paid me to say nice things about their potato chips. But, if they want to send me a case of Fries 'n Gravy chips to say thanks, I'd be very totally OK with that. Seriously.


  1. I've never had fries with gravy, but considering how utterly divine the chips with ketchup are, I'm guessing that Lay's knows what they're doing.

  2. Oh yum, those sound good. Though I don't think we have them here. I've seen Ketchup flavored potato sticks, but not the chips. And I don't think we have the chicken ones either. Dill pickle we do have, though I'm not a fan which is weird because I could live on pickles if I had to.

  3. They're seriously good? Lays should definitely pay you -- I never would have tried them without a recommendation.

    And my husband would be all over the creme brulee chips. Ewg.

  4. Isn't the fries bit superfluous? Shouldn't they just be gravy flavour chips?

    Still, sounds yum.

  5. Alison? Check out these flavours:

  6. LOL! Um, I hate to break it to you.... but.... I don't think dill pickle is a vegetable. Now, if you ask my family, ketchup is most definitely a vegetable! However, I will pass on the creme brulee chips. Unless, of course, you recommend them. =)

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Do you know when you google "Lays fries and gravy chips" your blog is 3rd on the list? And who is this Jen on the Edge who claims never to have had fries and gravy? Is she of this planet?

  8. Jen - Oh they do. Should I be putting a couple of bags in the Christmas pkg?

    Briana - I get the dill pickle ones for Leah. She's a big vinegar fan and likes all the vinegary flavours: pickle, ketchup, and salt & vinegar.

    Biblio - I really like them. And I picked creme brulee as a joke, your hus must have weird tastes. (Except in wives.)

    Strictly - I guess the 'fries' part is a bit redundant. And I laughed at the flavours of chips you can vote for on the site you sent me too. I'm totally voting for Cajun Squirrel flavour.

    And I noticed the Walkers logo looks very much like the Lay's logo. Perhaps it's a UK subsidiary?

    Wacky - Pickles are too vegetables. Being cucumbers and all. Some days they are the veggie I can get my girls to eat the most of. (Cukes, not pickles.)

    XUP - Third? Cool. Maybe I just might get that free case for viral marketing their product.

    And as for the lovely Jen not having tried fries and gravy, I'm pretty sure that fries with gravy is a delicacy mostly found north of the 48th parallel, or at least north of the Mason-Dixon line. Jen lives south of both.

  9. I see a great gift for a Secret Santa. The states do not have these in the stores! Great post.

  10. Sara - Great idea!!! I'll keep that in mind. Good luck with B's birthday party!

  11. ummm, can you do a giveaway? like to the meanest mommy you know? i can't find them ANYWHERE and i'm dying to try them (that being said, i did find old dutch BAKED dill pickle chips, not bad, not bad at all!)

  12. You have no idea how excited my children are by this news. That strange sound you can hear? Two scottish boys salivating from across the Atlantic.

  13. My favourite coworker and I saw these at the CourcheTard at work on Friday...

    I was tres very tempted... however, you can't eat just one...

    You're killing me of late. Thanks for this.

  14. Oh Alison, don't, don't, DO NOT read the ingredients list.....

    Many, many years ago, I banned the eating of dill pickle chips (by my three boys) in the car, because the smell gave me a headache.

    They may be tasty, but they really are just the latest product of the Military/Agricultural/Industrial Complex.

    (You know i'm kidding, don't you? Actually, I'm not kidding about the smell giving me a headache...)

  15. Meanie - how about I bring you a bag at the Bloggers' Breakfast? I still haven't found the big bags, though.

    Loth - Oh *that's* what that sound was. It had me scared for a minute.

    Nat - I don't know how long they'll be around, better grab a bag. Were they the big bags or the little ones?

    Jo - I make it a point never to read the ingredients list of anything that I really, really like, in case it makes me not want to eat it.

  16. OMG I'm heading out NOW to look for those.

  17. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Bravo, excellent idea