Friday, January 09, 2009

This wasn't what I meant when I said we should be greener

Me (downstairs on the computer calling up to Rae in the dining room): Rae, are you finished colouring? It's almost time for dinner.

Rae: I wasn't colouring, I was painting.

Me: Okay, then. Are you finished painting?

Rae: Yes.

Me: Did you put the painting stuff away?

Rae: Yes.

Me: In the art bin? Where it's supposed to go?

Rae: (Pause) (Shuffling sounds and footsteps) Yes.

Me: Did you wash your hands?

Rae: (Pause) Yes. (sounds of footsteps and water running in bathroom)

Me: Hey, make sure that you wash all the paint off your hands before you dry them. I don't want you wiping wet painty hands on the towels. And use soap, OK?

Rae (exasperatedly): Mum. I know how to wash my hands, OK? I'm not two you know.

Me: OK, OK. Sorry. Did you turn the bathroom light off? (I know, I'm such a nag.)

Rae (self-righteously): It was already on. Leah was in there first and she turned the light on.

Me: Yeah, but you were the last one in there, please go turn it off.

Rae: (snottily): It's not fair. I have to do everything around here. (Sound of stomping footsteps.)


Later, in the bathroom, I found this:

I would have taken a picture of the towel too, but as luck would have it, my towels are dark green. Apparently, remedial handwashing lessons are in order. Especially for those over the age of two.


  1. somehow I knew what the picture would show!

  2. LOL! i love how they think they know everything.. but you know.. in the end mom is right

  3. It's not easy being green. And I'm so snickering to myself right now because I know exactly how this is going to escalate in the coming years. It's like I can see into your future because I'm freakin' there! Mwah-ha-ha!

  4. Damn, we have one of those in our house too. They must be related.

  5. The last part of your conversation sounds so familar. My kids are always saying stuff like that.

  6. i think our kids should form an "i have an answer for everything" group on facebook.

  7. I'm hoping that's water based. We need some lessons like that here too.

  8. lol typical! don't ya just love dem kids.

  9. OOoohhh we so have the "Mom, I know how to wash my hands discussion." I think in our case the "clue" was mud... gah.

  10. First reaction OMG. I guess that's what I have to look forward to. Child Unit 4 is still in the pencil/pen and wall stage. (I swear none of the other kids did this). Please let me know how that conversation goes. I need a script at this point.

  11. Hah! I'm especially impressed that there's so much green on the switch! That's fantastic. Some real work when into that. I give it a 9.3