Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is how I know I don't wear make-up very often

Last night. Me swooping down to give the girls a kiss goodnight before leaving them with a babysitter and going to a Christmas party:

Leah: You look pretty, Mum.

Rachel: Don't kiss me, you're freaking me out! What did you put on your eyes? You look like a vampire.

(But vampires are sexy, right?)


  1. Oh I get exactly that too! K thinks I look pretty, C thinks I should wipe off the make-up.

  2. You know no one in my place notices... shrug...

    Vampire eh? Maybe you need a slightly darker foundation.

  3. LMAO. I didn't know vampires were so fashionable!

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    ah. nice. kids are so darn honest eh. at least they noticed!

    and we'll all expect an update on how the party was!

  5. Anonymous11:51 AM

    No one in my place notices either.

    Do we get to see a photo of you looking all pretty and vampire-ish?

  6. you know, a visit the MAC counter opened my eyes to a whole new world.....i had no idea i was doing so many things wrong :(

  7. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I love this post! What a perfect kid reaction.

    (I don't wear makeup either, unless forced to do so, in which case I feel like a B movie impersonating a modern woman.)

  8. HAHA! She cracks me up!